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I am a stingy traveler but not to the point that I would not enjoy a good splurge now and then. My preferred choice of accommodation is one which reflects the local culture or a local hotel chain, so international hotel chains are not my first choice. Having said that I kept my mind open to possibilities to maximize my travel experience, and shared my stay here for the curious reader looking for a possible choice of accommodation.

Suwon, South Korea - Holiday Inn Express Suwon Ingye

Stayed in March 2018
Total paid 167,200 (tax included, breakfast provided)
Stayed for 1 night
Our accommodation was Queen Standard

Despite Suwon being just half an hour's train ride away from downtown Seoul, I had never got around to visiting it until my work brought me to there. Looking around for a convenient but budgetary place to stay, Holiday Inn came up on my search again. Bolstered by my last stay in Incheon, I decided to try the budgetary Express version.

Holiday Inn Express Suwon Ingye experience

Exterior view of Holiday Inn Express Suwon Ingye

Incheon, South Korea - Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo

Stayed in June 2016
Total paid 980,100 (~163,350₩ per night) (tax included, breakfast provided)
Stayed for 6 nights
Our accommodation was King Bed Superior Room

I was here for business purposes so I suppose leisure travelers would not have this place as first choice. Nevertheless the experience was overall a pleasant one despite the relative lack of leisure purpose surrounding the hotel.

Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo experience

Exterior view of Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo

King Bed Superior Room

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Ambassador Row Suites by Lanson Place

Stayed in October 2015
Total paid RM603.20 (RM301.60 per night) (tax included, breakfast provided)
Stayed for 2 nights
Our accommodation was Superior One Bedroom Duta Suite

This truly is a surprisingly less known stay in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It is basically just a short distance away from Petronas Twin Towers and close to other main attractions of the capital. Its price is lower than that of a 5-star hotel yet provides ample amenities for a long stay. This is one of THE accommodation of my choice whenever I visit Kuala Lumpur for long.

Part 1 - Superior One Bedroom Duta Suite
Part 2 - Hotel Design and Breakfast

Superior One Bedroom Suite living room


Phuket, Thailand – Aleenta Phuket Resort and Spa

Stayed in October 2014
Total paid THB 27,659.50 (~THB13,829.75 per night) (tax included, breakfast provided)
Stayed for 2 nights
Our accommodation was Pool Villa 

Aleenta Phuket was one of my rare splurge and it was a luxury well worth every dollar and cents from my pocket. October was not the most suitable month for a Phuket beach side holiday but the Pool Villa made even an overcast day palatable. Situated on a remote private beach, luxury and privacy goes hand in hand in this resort, and we did not even thought of anywhere else to go when we had the whole grounds to ourselves.

Part 1 - Arrival
Part 2 - Pool Villa experience
Part 3 - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Part 4 - Final look at the hotel grounds

Common infinity pool of Aleenta Phuket - this is one of my favorite photo!

Pool Villa living room

Penang isle, Malaysia – Lone Pine Hotel

Stayed in January 2013
Total paid RM920 (~RM460 per night) (tax included, breakfast provided)
Stayed for 2 nights
Our accommodation was Deluxe Room (tax included, breakfast provided)

Lone Pine Hotel was another one of my splurge well spent. It was a memorable stay as well for it was here that we took our wedding photos, using their English colonial architectures as a backdrop to showcase a series of photos without having the need to fly to UK for an English garden landscape. Although it has long been sought out by Western holidaymakers looking for a nice tropical beach experience, it was in Hong Kong drama "Outbound Love" 單戀雙城 that its name was immortalized.

Final - A Final Look at the Lobby

Pool garden in the common area

A hidden area

Deluxe Room

Singapore – Ibis Singapore Novena

Stayed in January 2012
Total paid SGD168 (~RM643 per night) (tax included, breakfast provided)
Stayed for 1 nights
Our accommodation was Deluxe Room (tax included, breakfast provided)

When I first arrived in Singapore, I was without an accommodation. The company arranged a temporary place to stay in the form of a room in Ibis Singapore Novena, a hotel that was some ways away from any popular spots. It was cozy but it also lent me the image of a nation where land was scarce in the form of a small room.

Part 1 - Getting There & Experience with A Cab
Part 2 - Entering the Room
Part 3 - OOpen

The room


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