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A Wedding Photo in Lone Pine Part 1 - A Room for A Night

Location: Batu Ferringhi, Penang isle, Malaysia

Note: This article was written base on experience of staying in Lone Pine Hotel's Deluxe room in January 2013. Experience may differ with other rooms of the same hotel.

My latest review/sharing is a memorable one. This is the place where we took our wedding photo after all. 

To arrive into Georgetown before the sun dipped past the horizon after an exhausting drive from Ipoh was nothing short of relieve. But we had no time to marvel at the setting amber orb, as we still need to drive the half hour into Batu Ferringhi and locate the entrance of our accommodation for the night. It was partially hidden from the uncaring eyes of a casual observer but not to the determined traveler. 

I drove the car past a smiling guard, under a neon sign of ‘Lone Pine Hotel’ and past fences of climbing vines before the night market started to get busy. Once it got its momentum, the night market of Batu Ferringhi would make navigating the lone road difficult, sometimes even dangerous with the odd pedestrians jumping out from the stalls. Not to mention that the entrance of the hotel was rather difficult to spot even without the distractions of the market. 

Slot in your card key and enjoy your stay in Lone Pine Hotel!

Even the dimming sunlight did not successfully tone down the romance of the hotel. Stark white was its color, visible from within to without of the three storey tall building, a relic from the colonial past of Malaysia which withstood the ravages of time. But exploring the hotel had to wait, because we need to be well rested for the next day. It would not do to have the bride and groom looking like pandas when their photos were taken. 

Lone Pine Hotel was one of the costlier places to accommodate for a night along the beachfront of this historical town – the going rate for the cheapest room is RM920 as of 2013. However early bird promotions could lower the price close to RM700, a remarkable reduction though still a significant amount to a working class salary. For such a costly accommodation, Lone Pine Hotel is surprisingly obscure compared to its mother company, E&O (Eastern and Oriental), owner of another two iconic stark white landmarks reviving colonial tastes in Penang – E&O Hotel and Straits Quay. 

Exploring the hotel lawns may have to wait, but exploring the room need not. A cavernous Deluxe Room bade us welcome – it was in fact the largest room which we had stayed in so far. Admirers of the tropics would appreciate the solid wood flooring, intermittent cool breeze flowing past the sliding doors leading the balcony, and a welcoming vase of orchid on the coffee table. The picture would have been perfect if the view on the balcony was not hindered by a grove of trees. So instead of a picturesque sea view, we can only satisfy ourselves with the sound of rushing waves. 

Solid wood flooring exudes a tropical flavor while a vase of brilliant orchid and a bowl of fruits bade a warm welcome.

These images could not begin to convey the sense of space we felt when we first feast our eyes on the room. High ceilings and ample walking space really allow a whole family of 5 to stay comfortably with room to spare for kids to run around.

Want to read while your spouse sleeps? Just sit unobtrusively at the corner of the room. You can even slide the glass door leading to the balcony open slightly to enjoy the breeze from the sea and the sound of crashing waves.

Fridge? Check. Coffee and tea making facility? Check. The best part about Lone Pine Hotel's fridge is that the 4 canned drinks are complimentary (means they are F.O.C.), unlike other hotels where a hefty price tag is attached to them.

Resting ourselves in the soft bed and on fluffy pillows was indescribably wonderful. We could flick on the LCD TV to kill time, but we were more intrigued by the balcony itself. As if sitting there on the comfortable table or sipping tea from the coffee table in the company of swaying trees and cooling breeze was not sufficient, a marble bathtub was sunken unobtrusively to a side on the balcony. Although it was no Jacuzzi, filling the tub with warm water and dipping yourself into it whilst listening to the sound of waves was really a luxurious way to enjoy our stay in Lone Pine Hotel, all without having to step out of our room.

A black marble bath invites a dip in your balcony. Patrons of Lone Pine Hotel still could enjoy immersing themselves in water without leaving their room.

In the dark of the night, nothing interesting was visible. Even so, a relaxing cup of tea on the marble top coffee table, fueled by a romantic imagination, would be a good way to enjoy the tropical aura in Lone Pine Hotel. I may be a non-smoker, but the intriguing ashtray still drawn my attention with its unique geometry and design.

Relaxing as the bathtub was, it was no bathroom. And the shower area was a room unto itself, no kidding. It was so spacious that it had two entrances, one near the front entrance, the other facing the bedside. Shower room and toilet was separated by a glass wall and sharing a heavy glass sliding door. This means that while the shower room was in use, the toilet would not be covered by the door. But then again, with that much transparency in between, not much privacy would be expected between couples. Definitely a sexy and erotic thought. 

There is nostalgia in this shower room. Those black and white little tiles reminded me of the small toilet cum shower room in my old residence, except that the shower room in Lone Pine Hotel is way larger than mine.

Tall mirrors, tall ceilings, tall glass doors... Everything in the bathroom emphasized the space it granted to the patron.

If the review piqued your interest so far, then follow my next sharing with a post on the sights I saw when morning shone on the balcony and how we felt about the room after a well spent night of sleep.

Environment:         A relaxing beach front facing the Malacca Straits
Suitable for:           Lounging in a hammock with loved ones (yes, there really are hammocks), fun with water sports, and definitely a romantic choice of stay

Opening Hours:      It's a hotel, so basically there are people 24 hours a day, but office hours are still observed.
Price:                       Room and RatesRM920 for the cheapest room (Deluxe) but if it is not a peak season, it usually get discounted to half the amount. Mail/call ahead to check on the details.

Contact:                  Phone (+604) 886 8686; Fax (+604) 886 8600
Address:                 97 Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang, Malaysia.    
Getting there:         Take a cab or drive there - this is Malaysia, public transport is never a good choice. Drive along the road to Batu Ferringhi, and you will first pass by Tanjung Tokong and start driving along a winding road with the sea on right side, the near vertical cliff wall on the left. Once you started seeing shops, you have reached Batu Ferringhi, and will be greeted by a traffic light at a junction (Holiday Inn should be at your right at the junction). Drive past this junction but stay on the right of the double lane. The entrance to the hotel is partially hidden and not very obvious, but it is the second entrance to the right after the traffic light. 

Website:                 Lone Pine Hotel main website


  1. Hey, this is quite an interesting post! You had your wedding there? Thanks for dropping by Luxury Haven! I've added you at G+ & looking fwd to sharing. Do stay tuned for my frequent giveaways ^_^

    1. Hi Shirley! I did not have my wedding there, merely having my wedding photo taken there. Thanks for dropping by! ^^


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