Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 HK Trip - Pier 88 (稻香超级渔港)

Location: Mong Kok (旺角), S.A.R. Hong Kong

Staying at a hostel near the busy corner that is Mong Kok certainly has its perks. Apart form the rows of vendors peddling their trade, shops of all kinds lined Nathan Road, and if you did your homework properly, you may be able to dig up some nice dining spots hidden among the jungle of signs.

The name transliterates loosely from 稻香超级渔港 (Cantonese reading: dou heong chew kap yee guong) to "Paddy fragrance super pier". 稻香 is the name of an F&B group, 稻香集团 (Tao Heung Group), one of the major F&B group in Hong Kong. There are branches of Pier 88 all over Hong Kong, but this branch is the nearest to our hostel.

Despite it being one of the famous dim sum spot in Hong Kong, we were initially surprised to find that the building which housed Pier 88, Grand Tower, to have a shabby front. It was later that we learned through experience that most buildings in Mongkok are in such state. It was when we went past the lobby and entered the lift which took us to the 3rd floor that we were surprised once more. 

The lift doors opened into a world well decorated and well-lit by crystal lamps and could safely be considered as a restaurant. The whole 3rd floor was bathed in an amber wash and the only impression which float to my mind was that of a luxurious restaurant entirely in contrast with the tower's front. Feeling a little unnerved by the potential huge spending when the bill was totaled, we stepped in. We were again surprised to find that with some controlled choice of food, the bill wasn't as high as we suspected.

From Pier 88/Tao Heung, with love...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kinetic Rain @ Terminal 1 (T1), Changi International Airport

Location: Changi, Singapore

Kinetic Rain is now the latest addition to Singapore's Changi International Airport, delighting travelers and visitors with its fluid dances.

It is usual for frequent travelers by plane to feel bored by the unchanging scenes of an airport save for the ever shifting bulk of pedestrian traffic. Having to wait for my Air Asia flight in Changi International Airport's Terminal 1 (T1) did not prepare me for a new sight within the departure hall's check in counters.

Travelers who frequented T1, including fellow travelers of Air Asia, could now spend their spare waiting time by feasting their eyes on the latest addition to the departure hall - Kinetic Rain. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ibis Singapore Novena Hotel Part 3 - OOpen

Location: Novena, Singapore

Note: This is an article continuing from Ibis Singapore Novena Hotel Part 2 - Entering the Room

As is the norm for hotels, Ibis Singapore Novena Hotel comes with its own restaurant cum cafe with the curious name of OOpen. Guests of the hotel for the night could enjoy 2 complimentary breakfasts, so off we went to grab our breakfast in the cafe situated at a side off the lobby.

Fact is that I do not know what is the name of the cafe until I browsed the web. Fancy as it is, sometimes a design just doesn't get a point across to the user.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Ibis Singapore Novena Hotel Part 2 - Entering the Room

Location: Novena, Singapore
I was particularly impressed by how the room was designed. The first point I bring forth is one against Ibis Singapore Novena Hotel though - the available floor space. At first glance, the room looked spacious, with high ceilings as well as tall window panes. But the fact is that taking a circuit around the room and placing your luggage open will tell you how much space you really had.

Ibis Singapore Novena Hotel greets you!

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