Friday, July 26, 2013

The New Singapore Coins

If you are in Singapore from this month onward, you may be surprised to see the shiny coin in your palm to have the usual obverse image of the Singaporean coat of arms, but a totally different reverse image. Gone is the familiar orchid above the denominated value.

If you are visiting the island nation of Singapore recently, see if you could collect this series of coins circulating in the market. They are still in their near mint condition, and still worth as a keepsake (image obtained from MAS Third Series Coins website).

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Singapore Food Blog - Fish and Co @ Changi Airport T2

Location: Changi Airport, Singapore

Every time we disembark from our flight in Changi Airport's T2, it would be right around dinner time. Nobody to blame on that but the fact that there was but 2 flights per day from our hometown to Singapore, and we picked the later flight so that we can spend a little more time at home. Home sweet home, as they say.

The thought of the 3 changes in public transit and hour long journey ahead was not helping, so our growling stomachs demanded sacrifices be made to accommodate their churning wrath. There were a wide range of choices of restaurants and cafes in Changi Airport, so to choose from such myriad choices and still have money left in our purses will required careful considerations.

I had eyed Fish and Co for a long time since I set foot in Singapore, but my impression of the restaurant chain was a seafood establishment with a not-so-impressive price tag. Still, sooner or later I would try it, what with fish and chips being one of my favorite. With that thought in mind, I asked myself, why not sooner rather than later?

Dining in Fish and Co means seeing fish everywhere. A fish shaped hard pad for your dish, a metal fishing bucket mimicking the one used to store catches for your utensils, and a fishing magazine-like menu for your orders. The store even has fishy facts on its wallpaper. All in all, a good day to fish (and co).

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bon Odori Festival 2013 @ Penang Esplanade

Penang has been a host to a notable Japanese culture for years. 17 to be exact. And this year becomes its 17th year in hosting the Penang Bon Odori Festival in Esplanade, just as it had been the years past. The good news? It starts tonight!

It's Bon Odori! Dances! Music! Cosplay! Japan! All here in Penang (except the last one, which is in a land far far away...) (image taken from Penang State Tourism official website).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Travel through Philately - Kaiping Diaolou (Watchtowers of Kaiping) 開平碉樓

After sharing a nice FDC on Chinese scenery from Hong Kong Post, I direct my attention its colonial sister across the Zhujiang (珠江) River Estuary - Macau. Macau Post featured some of the most beautiful and artistic postage items as well as a very big FDC - a whooping 16.3 x 22.9 cm large envelope.

The reason I recall this particular postage administration is because of its Mainland Scenery series - running into its 5th issue this year - which mirrored the aforementioned series from Hong Kong Post. Differing from Hong Kong Post's series is its issuance frequency - it issue an FDC from this series biannually.

An enlarged view of the miniature sheet (above) and the FDC with miniature sheet attached (below), both featuring the relatively obscure Kaiping Diaolou. Notice that Macau, with its Portuguese colonial past, still use Portuguese along with Mandarin in its official publications (image taken from Macau Post website).

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Travel through Philately - The Great Wall 萬里長城 (Hong Kong Post)

China. Such a vast area and such diversity, with such wonders awaiting exploration by travelers the world over. It is no wonder that so many artists and poets created work of arts and sung poems about its trove of treasures throughout different dynasties.

Hong Kong Post had a series of Chinese wonder themed FDCs titled Mainland Scenery Series, which ended in 2011 with the 10th issue. With still so much to publish on China's wonders, they started with the World Heritage in China Series, with the Great Wall as the series' first focus theme.

The FDC with miniature sheet affixed (above) and the miniature sheet itself (below) showing a vista of the Great Wall.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Travel through Philately - Australia's Centenary of the First Commonwealth Banknote

I got myself a rather interesting FDC issue from Australia Post. Coinciding with the World Stamp Expo 2013 in Melbourne, it became the feature stamp issued on day 2 of the expo.

Malaysia had its own latest series of coins and banknotes commemorated through the issue of several FDCs, with the miniature sheets replicating banknotes being the most sought after and most eye-catching. Here though, instead of putting on the latest currency, Australia Post chose to commemorate the first paper currency the land down under issued, as well as the centenary of that issuance.

The FDC itself is relatively unremarkable with the 2 gummed stamps, but the miniature sheet is another story entirely.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Singapore Food Blog - Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant @ Takashimaya 御宝南北小馆

Location: Orchard, Central Business District (CBD), Singapore

To visit a restaurant along Orchard Road usually entails a significant lightening of your wallet. So when a friend of mine recommended Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant for their tasty dim sum at a not-so-significant reduction of the bills in my wallet, I should be forgiven for showing doubt. Even reviews online shared the same recommendation, and despite my cynical approach, I have to say that I was intrigued enough to give it a try. 

Imperial Treasure group is one of the large restaurant conglomerates in Singapore, bragging numerous awards and restaurants across the island republic. I would usually avoid such restaurants. For one, some of these restaurants are really a splurge – spending at least $30 or more per person is normal and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy without constant checking of the amount of bills in my wallet. The other reason is that the taste does not justify the price – a tastier version could be sampled in a stall rather than a restaurant, and at a lower price too. 

My misgivings on the restaurant proved unfounded. 

Diners are already lining in wait for their lunch.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Singapore Food Fair @ City Square Mall

Location: City Square Mall, Singapore

It seems that the month of July, coinciding with the mid-year's GSS (Great Singapore Sale), offers a whole lot of food festivals and offers. Right after the one I saw in Takashimaya Shopping Center, I stumbled into another one in City Square Mall, a short distance away from the former.

The food festival offered here has less choices, but the flavor caters more to the local taste. The average price of food items here is less than $10, an affordable choice for me. Most of the items on offer here are street foods, such as selling glutinous rice and fish balls, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a stall selling crabs, each of them cooked and readily soaked in your choice of gravy.

If you are working near the area or are passing by the area, why not drop by and savor the delicious items on offer on L1 Atrium of City Square Mall?

Date:           5 - 14 Jul 2013
Entry fee:    Free

Location:     180 Kitchener Road, L1 Atrium, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Takashimaya Food Fest 2013

Location: Ngee Ann City, Orchard, Singapore

Anyone visiting Orchard Road in July should not miss the food fair that is partially hidden from view in the basement level of Ngee Ann City, which also goes by the name Takashimaya S.C. (Shopping Center). Running its course until 21 July, various food items are on display and on offer. 

From condiments to tea leaves, from local items to imported goods, an array of mouth-watering food dazzles and beckons. Miss not such an event and prepare to bring back loads of food to satisfy that rumbling tummy!

Date:           ends 21 July 2013
Entry fee:    Free

Location:     B2 level, Takashimaya Shopping Center, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238873.

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