Travel through Collectibles

I am a collector, sometimes to my wife's annoyance as to how much "rubbish" I have collected. However I learned a great deal from collecting stamps and currencies, especially now that I am travelling frequently. My main interests are philately (collecting stamps) and numismatics (collecting coins), though the latter is certainly not limited to just coins since I engage in notaphily (collecting banknotes) as well.

I believe that one could learn even more by researching and sharing said research, and so I started posting on interesting philately and numismatics items. The posts can be accessed easily from the links below.

Introduction to Philately and Numismatics:

Travel through Philately (topics are arranged according to issuing post offices):

Macau Post - Ancient Town of Feng Huang

Singapore Post - Marina Bay Skyline

Travel through philately to interesting places:

Pitcairn Islands Post - Romantic Bounty

Travel through Numismatics:

The S$1 coin from Singapore's 3rd series coin.

Vietnam 100,000 dong

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