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Hotel review - Aleenta Phuket Resort and Spa Part 2 - Pool Villa experience

Location: Phuket, Thailand

Note: This article was written base on experience of staying in Aleenta Resort and Spa Phuket's Pool Villa. The following info is important to you because it tells you on which month we stayed, and the price relative to the amount of time between the date of stay to the date of booking. You may experience higher or lower price at different months/seasons and if you book further or nearer to the date of stay.

We booked on:     September 2014
We stayed on:      October 2014
We paid in total:  THB27,659.50 (~RM2771) (tax included) @ Pool Villa, 2 persons, 2 nights, breakfast inclusive

The overview of the whole hotel experience can be accessed from here: Thailand - Aleenta Phuket Resort and Spa

At 180 m2 (1937.50 ft2), Aleenta Phuket’s Pool Villa is a choice for vacationers balancing between luxury and cost. It is neither the smallest nor the largest but for honeymooners and couples without kids, it is more than enough. With fencing and gates, the villa is surrounded by an extra layer of privacy most suitable for those looking for sunbathing with no tan line (I quote from their website on this).

We of course excitedly explored every inch and amenities of the villa when we were left to ourselves. The Pool Villa was laid out in generally 3 sections – an enclosed living area with TV, another enclosed bedroom area with an adjoining dressing room, and finally the open section with the pool between both where we could enjoy sunbathing and swimming. 

Welcome to the Pool Villa! This is how it felt when the attendant brought us to our villa, opening the gates with a dramatic flourish.

Did we mention that the Pool Villa’s bedroom was cavernous? If so, it is worth mentioning it again. It was luxuriously spacious, so much so that we found the living area redundant. A 4 pole bedframe with translucent cloths dropping from the ceiling bade us welcome to the king size bed in the room. Natural light streamed in through the glass walls dividing the air-conditioned interior from the humid exterior, allowing us to enjoy nature within a comfortable environment. The icing on the cake was the aroma of lemongrass incense wafting around the room (there was another in the living area too) and an iPod emitting soothing yogic music from a docking station. It was the prelude to a sensuous and opulent stay. 

The adjoining room was for answering nature’s call as well as dressing oneself. Opening the door led us outside onto the Jacuzzi for enjoying a pressured water massage, or to drop into the large swimming pool, the highlight of our stay. My wife wanted to learn swimming without the staring eyes, so this was the true intent behind our choice of the Pool Villa. We took no time to dip in (not skinny dip) and began her lesson on swimming without any pressure. 

The timber flooring becomes wet and slippery if it rains, which did happen on our stay.

The glass enclosed room is the living room. One could just walk out and drop into the pool. Cool! But also dangerous for kids.

Looking towards the bedroom

Jacuzzi! One could enjoy an underwater massage with the pressurized water jets while soaking. The shower stall is just behind the Jacuzzi.

Instead of an indoor shower, Aleenta Phuket chose to deck out a more natural alternative with the open air shower room. The occupant was still protected from the elements with a rooftop but he get to enjoy the chirping of crickets in the progress, putting him closer to nature with human comforts. One of the provisions we enjoyed the most was the scented shampoos and shower foams. Pouring the contents out of the glass vial-like containers gave us the impression of applying natural remedies, and silky smooth skin and fragrant body were the outcome of using their special products. 

The natural wood floorings were employed for the sunbathing deck, a choice which I dispute its usefulness despite the fact that it was a natural choice for such purpose. With wet feet one could easily slip on this material, a fact which we were constantly reminded when it rained. It would have made better sense with non-slip material for an area so close to a body of water. I would also argue the reason behind the design where the living area was separated from the bedroom with a sunbathing deck when the layout could be arranged to have both areas adjoining each other and the deck somewhere else rather than in between. 

Cavernous! This is the choice of description for our bedroom.

Wooden toad welcomes! This toad can be placed on the gates outside to inform the attendants not to disturb.

An iPod on dock to emit relaxing music

The dressing area, a space unto itself. One could enjoy the view through the glass wall while cleaning or washing.


The semi-open shower stall to get you closer to nature (and nature closer to you...)

The three wise bottles - we really do enjoy Aleenta Phuket's shampoo fragrance!

Despite the living area claiming a significant part of the grounds, we seldom step into it. It was air-conditioned separately, meant for the tenants to watch TV or catch up some work if they brought it with them (think of work as blogging rather than toiling away on powerpoints). However with it being separated from the bedroom, it meant that we frequently needed to slide the heavy glass doors open and close, a task we preferred not to do much often. We were not TV watchers anyway and we kept the laptop with us in the bedroom, what with the opulent space available to us there.

The living room with a nice view to the pool

The living area is spacious but being separated from the bedroom, we seldom step in here.

Calling it a day!

Despite the ranting we were quite satisfied with the villa in general, enjoying the man made architectures within a semi-natural surroundings. However one should not forget that satisfaction comes from a filled stomach as much as an appealing environment, more so when you are staying in an isolated spot far from any shops. So the next post will share the experience of dining in Aleenta Phuket, from breakfast to dinner.

Environment:          A relaxing beachfront with private beach facing the Andamans
Suitable for:             Couples, honeymoon
Visit worthiness:   9.5/10 
Sleep quality:              5.0/5.0 
Surroundings:            4.5/5.0
Service:                        5.0/5.0
Value:                           4.5/5.0
Cleanliness:                 4.5/5.0
Architecture/decor:   5.0/5.0

Room rate:                THB11,750 (~RM1186)/night @ pool villa (not inclusive of tax)
                                        THB13,829.75 (~RM1396)/night @ pool villa (inclusive of tax)
                                        check latest room rates and availability here
Check-in time:         after 2.00 p.m.
Check-out time:      before 12.00 p.m.


Contact:                    +66  7658 0333 (Guess Service Relations)
                                      +66 2514 8112 (Reservations)
E-mail:             (Guess Service Relations)
Address:                   Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa, 33 Moo 5, Takua Thung, Khok Kloi, Phang Nga Phuket, 82140 Thailand.

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