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A Wedding Photo in Lone Pine Part 4 - A Walk on A Manicured Lawn

Location: Batu Ferringhi, Penang isle, Malaysia

Note: This article was written base on experience of staying in Lone Pine Hotel's Deluxe room in January 2013. Experience may differ with other rooms of the same hotel.

After a stuffed breakfast in The Bungalow as was shared in my last article, a walk around the hotel proper would be highly recommended, both to explore the grounds as well as to relief a full tummy. After all, a brisk walk under the trees and on the manicured lawn would be an excellent way to implement the tropical flavor of Penang isle and Lone Pine Hotel.

The verdant of the lawn and the turquoise from the pool complemented each other, one offering a flavor of the warm tropics, the other hinting of cool soothing sensation. Choices of beach chairs allowed patrons to choose the way they would like to enjoy their morning.

The hotel’s name is due to a misunderstanding that when it opened for business in 1948. Back then a Chinese group bought the solitary bungalow from the McKearn family, intending to develop a hotel resort business along the popular beach of Batu Ferrenghi. The lone casuarinas tree in the hotel grounds was mistaken to be a lone pine tree, hence the name. It was said that the “lone pine” withstood modern development and stood its ground, now serving its role as the anchor of one of the numerous hammocks strung across the manicured lawn facing the beach. The original bungalow became The Bungalow, the breakfast serving area shared in the previous article. 

Splashing joyfully in the crystal clear pool were kids enjoying the tropical moment. Some of the parents enjoyed the happy family moment with their kids, while some others preferred to read a book or their tablets under the shaded beach chairs. The pool was wide enough to house all the fun the kids could muster, allowing them to splash unobtrusively from one end to the other without bothering patrons of the same pool.

How would you like to spend your day? In a swaying hammock, or seated on a wooden bench?

The sea beckons, with fun filled activities awaiting both the adventurous and conservatives. This gentleman was busy cleaning up the beach to ensure a clean and trash free environment for visitors of the beach. A salute to you sir!

A walk across the green lawn reminded us of romantic movies featuring trimmed lawns and English teas. To add to the moment, several hammocks were strung across the lawn, anchored by tall casuarinas that could be as ancient as they were tall. The hotel assured patrons that the hammocks were changed every day so that you can catch yourself in the net without worry of possible skin contagion. Such would be a great way to enjoy the day, just like how photos of the tropical beach portrayed.

The building facing the beach and the sea was a nostalgic straits settlement revival. 

Our hotel room was the one further from the beach, facing the middle of the island and the road leading to Lone Pine Hotel. Patrons who were willing to spend more for a greater indulgence in the hotel’s facilities opted to stay in the other hotel building, one which faced the seas and the manicured lawn. The sea could be heard much clearer here, getting the patron nearer to the cradle of life. Painted the same stark white as the rest of the hotel, it revived the colonial era flavor that was prevalent in the straits settlement, a reminder to the expatriate English of home minus the cold winter. 

Once we got our share of romantic moments under the casuarinas and on the sandy beach, we went off to explore the rest of Lone Pine Hotel. Much to our delight, we were rewarded with unparalleled beauty and awesomeness. It does pay to explore every nook and cranny!

Environment:         A relaxing beach front facing the Malacca Straits
Suitable for:           Lounging in a hammock with loved ones (yes, there really are hammocks), fun with water sports, and definitely a romantic choice of stay

Opening Hours:      It's a hotel, so basically there are people 24 hours a day, but office hours are still observed.
Price:                       Room and RatesRM920 for the cheapest room (Deluxe) but if it is not a peak season, it usually get discounted to half the amount. Mail/call ahead to check on the details.

Contact:                  Phone (+604) 886 8686; Fax (+604) 886 8600
Address:                 97 Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang, Malaysia.    
Getting there:         Take a cab or drive there - this is Malaysia, public transport is never a good choice. Drive along the road to Batu Ferringhi, and you will first pass by Tanjung Tokong and start driving along a winding road with the sea on right side, the near vertical cliff wall on the left. Once you started seeing shops, you have reached Batu Ferringhi, and will be greeted by a traffic light at a junction (Holiday Inn should be at your right at the junction). Drive past this junction but stay on the right of the double lane. The entrance to the hotel is partially hidden and not very obvious, but it is the second entrance to the right after the traffic light. 

Website:                 Lone Pine Hotel main website

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