Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Starbucks® Bottled Frappuccino® Coffee Drink

My familiarity with Starbucks is limited to two things: there is a mermaid and there is our favorite Green Tea Latte. It wasn’t until my recent exposure to its chilled bottled variant that I even realize existence of such a convenient packaging. So I thought that maybe I can share my experience here. 

I first encountered it in a nearby 7-11 store and out of curiosity I bought one to try. At a whooping SGD4.10, it was truly a heartache for me. That was a high price to pay for just 9.5 fluid ounce (close to 281 ml) of beverage despite the fact that it came in a glass bottle, a rarity these days if you are not purchasing alcoholic drinks. My first choice of heartache was a Mocha

It is rare nowadays to see bottled drinks still sold in glass bottle in Singapore. Still the weight on your hands lend you the premium feel the brand is suppose to deliver. The price is hefty but I like the beverage, especially this Mocha drink where the rich chocolaty taste is very fulfilling.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Singapore Food Blog - Sakae Teppanyaki @ Plaza Singapura

Location: Dhoby Ghaut, Central Business District (CBD), Singapore

I am familiar with Sakae Sushi (who isn’t?) but not with its teppanyaki offering restaurant. My wife however tried it once with a friend and was absolutely hooked to it. After a few prodding from her, I finally agreed to give it a try, choosing the branch in Plaza Singapura since this is one of the malls which we frequented. For your information, Sakae Teppanyaki has a smaller business footprint compared to Sakae Sushi. There are currently only 7 branches in total in Singapore as opposed to the 35 from its sushi cousin (that’s the count I got from their website). 

Front entrance of Sakae Teppanyaki

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nothing Important Happened Today – An obituary to Lee Kuan Yew

An ironic title for the sad passing of a giant. This title was not chosen as an insult but to reflect a few things in my mind upon reading the news of his death.

“Nothing important happened today” is a phrase familiar to history buffs and X-Files buffs for this is a phrase supposedly written into the diary of George III, reigning English monarch on the day when the USA ratified their Declaration of Independence (Jul 4, 1776), signifying the irony. It was recently debunked with the revelation that the king did not keep a diary, and it was the French monarch, Louis XVI, who wrote something similar (he was referring to his empty-handed return from a hunting trip) that on the day Bastille was stormed (Jul 14, 1789). X-Files employed this ironic title for one of their milestone episodes as well and I believe my point of choosing this title should be obvious by now.

Banner tribute to Lee Kuan Yew by Channel News Asia.

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