Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Wedding Photo in Lone Pine Final - A Final Look at the Lobby

Location: Batu Ferringhi, Penang isle, Malaysia

Note: This article was written base on experience of staying in Lone Pine Hotel's Deluxe room in January 2013. Experience may differ with other rooms of the same hotel.
Our wedding photo session took the whole day, extending into the night for shots after dark. By the time we got to our room at the end of the day, we were too exhausted to explore the hotel further, choosing to surrender ourselves to a rejuvenating night of sleep. 

Please clean up the room, but leave my heart intact on the bed...
Morning came as a beautiful greeting, as much as it did the first morning of our stay here, except this time it brought with it a hint of sadness. Farewell came bidding to the comfortable room we spent two nights in, and we took a morning to revisit the grounds of Lone Pine Hotel, getting ourselves a lasting impression before making our leave.

Green surrounded white in Lone Pine Hotel, with lush trees scattered around the hotel grounds, creating a cooling foliage cover while maintaining a tropical flavor that was consistently represented in the hotel. Separating the lobby and the dining area for restaurants such as Matsu and Batubar was a very wide and tall aisle, enough to allow two lorries to pass through comfortably were the supporting columns removed. This same height was shared by the lobby and restaurants, with a half floor allowing patrons to admire the view from a story higher without destroying the sense of space. We appreciated this sense as much as we enjoyed the cavernous room we stayed in.

Verdant green, a color of the tropics...

Instead of opting for grandness, Lone Pine Hotel chose airiness. Natural sunlight streamed past the glass partitions to illuminate the lobby.

Only when I was waiting in the lobby for my room to check out did I notice an additional element the hotel employed to create a spacious sense to the lobby and the restaurants. Tall glass partitions acted as swiveling opening as well fixed walls defining the border between indoors and outdoors. This glass façade allowed natural light to shine through unobtrusively, lending an air of spaciousness without seemingly confining patrons indoors. 

With most of the partitions swiveled open that morning, cool air from outdoors flowed naturally into the lobby, maintaining once more the tropical atmosphere without air-conditioning. I could imagine that on rainy days with particularly strong and damp wind, the glass panes would have swiveled back in place to protect the patrons from the elements, allowing them to experience the ferocity of tropical rainstorms in the comfort of indoors.

A tricycle in front of the lobby...

Opposite of the lobby is the restaurants Batubar and Matsu, both housed within an area similar to the lobby's design, with glass facade and tall ceilings.

A final look back at the hotel's whitewash buildings amidst lush green surroundings.

With the check out completed and payment done, we boarded our little MvVi. As we prepared to leave the hotel with whitewashed buildings, we longed for a return in the future to enjoy once more the comfort offered by Lone Pine Hotel.

Environment:         A relaxing beach front facing the Malacca Straits
Suitable for:           Lounging in a hammock with loved ones (yes, there really are hammocks), fun with water sports, and definitely a romantic choice of stay

Opening Hours:      It's a hotel, so basically there are people 24 hours a day, but office hours are still observed.
Price:                       Room and RatesRM920 for the cheapest room (Deluxe) but if it is not a peak season, it usually get discounted to half the amount. Mail/call ahead to check on the details.

Contact:                  Phone (+604) 886 8686; Fax (+604) 886 8600
Address:                 97 Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang, Malaysia.    
Getting there:         Take a cab or drive there - this is Malaysia, public transport is never a good choice. Drive along the road to Batu Ferringhi, and you will first pass by Tanjung Tokong and start driving along a winding road with the sea on right side, the near vertical cliff wall on the left. Once you started seeing shops, you have reached Batu Ferringhi, and will be greeted by a traffic light at a junction (Holiday Inn should be at your right at the junction). Drive past this junction but stay on the right of the double lane. The entrance to the hotel is partially hidden and not very obvious, but it is the second entrance to the right after the traffic light. 

Website:                 Lone Pine Hotel main website

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