Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mysterious Photo - June 2011

I had this idea when I started aiming my camera everywhere, capturing moments for me to experience later. There were times when I saw a particular photo later and forgot where it was from. So I thought of posting some photos of usual dining spots in Malaysia and see whether everyone could guess where it was from.

This first photo is taken in Penang isle. Make a guess on the place's name... ^^

Answer to be revealed at the end of the month...

Malaysia Food Blog - Sugar Dynasty (糖朝)

Greetings from Sugar Dynasty
Location: Georgetown, Penang Isle

When I started off working in Penang, my colleagues and I used to organise a "makan-makan" trip to sample food from different corners of the isle. I was new then and had no inkling of where what was, but I do recall vividly this shop. When I tried to work my way around the twisting roads of Georgetown (pardon this fellow who has trouble around Georgetown even after 3 years), I finally managed to revisit this small shop located in one of the locations listed under World Heritage Site - Nagore Road.

The name Sugar Dynasty is actually a homophone in Mandarin. The name in Mandarin, 糖朝 (táng cháo) is a homophone of Tang Dynasty, 唐朝 (táng cháo), and truly, the shop is a haven for lovers of the Chinese style dessert. Sugar Dynasty greets its customer with a menu filled with 4 pages worth of dessert of your choice, and most of them are less than RM5.00 per bowl. Some of the choices cater for those with exquisite taste, with expensive traditional Chinese herbs like swallow's nest (燕窝) used as the ingredient, and costs more than RM30.00 per bowl. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Contaminated Food Products from Taiwan

With the recent news on the ban of Taiwanese food due to the involvement of an illegal element, I have tried to look for more information on this. I find it surprising that the coverage was quite limited in local news. Some online search shows more scattered coverage around the world, with most concentrated around Taiwan itself.

Taipei Times:

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