Monday, July 25, 2016

Singapore Food Blog - Lokkee 樂記

Location:  Central Business District (CBD), Singapore

Recommended: Ultraviolet Oolong Iced Tea (SGD4.50); Firecracker Chicken Nest (SGD26)
* Lokkee is operated by Tunglok Group. Other reviewed eateries from the same group include TungLok XiHé Peking Duck and TungLok Signatures.

Bored by plain old food servings? Then perhaps you should give Lokkee a try! I know I was definitely surprised by their novel take on the presentation of fusion food when I first visited them, so much so that I definitely want to write a post as soon as I finish dining. Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

From the entrance Lokkee looked just like any Chinese restaurant albeit with a tad more decor. However my sharp eye saw a bust of Boba Fett sipping bubble milk tea and my interest was piqued. It wasn't until I was seated within that I realized that the contrasting tone set by Lokkee was hip to the max!

Lokkee's logo, framed by two stone lions at each side, looks like a traditional Chinese restaurant. Do not be tricked by this: this is definitely anything BUT traditional!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Singapore Food Blog - Kaiserhaus

Location: City Hall, Central Business District (CBD), Singapore

Updated: This business is permanently closed.

Recommended: Bohemian Pork Roast (Vepřová Pečenē) (SGD26); Viennese Schnitzel (Wiener Schnitzel) (from pork - SGD29); Gourmet Beef (Tafelspitz) (single serve - SGD38); Crispy Fried Mushrooms (SGD14)

Singapore is famous for its rich scene of food variety, and basically you can sample tastes from almost the world over without even stepping onto those countries. Kaiserhaus heightened that variety by introducing meals from the once great Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Its name meant "Imperial Family" and true enough, they offered meals fit for a king.

I like how the English styled Capitol Theater complements the regal European furnishings of Kaiserhaus. Its spacious interior could accommodate a party of guests if you reserve well ahead of time. I got to know this fine establishment while surfing Groupon and the voucher allowed 2 choices of main meal plus appetizer and dessert, which can be chosen from available cake and pastries on display.

Entrance to Kaiserhaus

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