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A Wedding Photo in Lone Pine Part 3 - Breakfast @ The Bungalow

Location: Batu Ferringhi, Penang isle, Malaysia

Note: This article was written base on experience of staying in Lone Pine Hotel's Deluxe room in January 2013. Experience may differ with other rooms of the same hotel.

To enjoy a breakfast under the cool breeze in The Bungalow was a bliss indeed. With a cup of cappuccino in hand, I just basked in the moment as the rest of the patrons did. Some kids were dripping wet from their dip in the pool, ready to start their breakfast after an immersing moment in the cool waters. Other patrons enjoyed a moment with each other as a couple, a family or friends on a vacation, engaged in conversations or just reading under the cool patio.

The Bungalow is a 2-story building situated next to the pool. The patio and lower floor is converted into dining area and a kitchen, whereas the top floor is off limits.

The wide buffet area housed a variety of food, from traditional local specialties like nasi lemak to the familiar sausage and bacon of Western breakfast. For the sweet tooth, nothing beats a slice of cheese cake in the morning to get the day sweeter. I particularly appreciated how wide the buffet area was, as jostling for food with other patrons became a dreaded experience for me in some past hotel breakfast. 

Jugs of fruit juices kept cool in crushed ice maintained its freshness. Nothing beats the cool sweet liquid rushing down your throat after a hearty meal. Coffee aficionados may love the roast prepared by The Bungalow for a refreshing morning, but I preferred coffee with less punch. People sharing a same mild interest in coffee like me could place an order with the bartender or the waitresses, getting your own cappuccino or latte made at a moment’s notice.

There are ample space in The Bungalow for everyone. Choose your favorite spot to enjoy your breakfast, either basking under the morning sun or shaded by the tarpaulin. 

My choice of breakfast - a western style with mixture of sausages, hash browns, bacon, ham and a foaming cup of cappuccino. Top that with a cool sea breeze and you have the perfect morning. The bacon, ham and sausages were well cooked to a perfection, and I loved the cheese cake they offered. Dessert in the morning may sound odd, but it soothed my sweet tooth. The fragrant fried hash brown crunched heartily in my mouth. To make my morning better, I indulged myself in warm cup of cappuccino, drafts of its fragrance enveloping me.

A variety of breakfast items were available at the patron's pleasure at The Bungalow. Available choices include bread, butter and jam, Western style breakfast items of bacon, sausage and ham, or the way us locals enjoyed, char keoy teow and nasi lemak.

A family of tourist just done with a dip in the pool getting ready for breakfast. The  Bungalow's location right next to the pool was convenient for patrons who enjoyed a swim before their breakfast.

The patio matched the spaciousness of the buffet area, offering ample sitting and walking space. The morning sun was not particularly hot that day, with patches of cloud intermittently shading patrons who chose to sit in the open area not covered by the protection of the roof. For Malaysians like me, I would like to say I had my fair share of sunlight throughout my life to choose the covered patio to enjoy my breakfast.

Environment:         A relaxing beach front facing the Malacca Straits
Suitable for:           Lounging in a hammock with loved ones (yes, there really are hammocks), fun with water sports, and definitely a romantic choice of stay

Opening Hours:      It's a hotel, so basically there are people 24 hours a day, but office hours are still observed.
Price:                       Room and RatesRM920 for the cheapest room (Deluxe) but if it is not a peak season, it usually get discounted to half the amount. Mail/call ahead to check on the details.

Contact:                  Phone (+604) 886 8686; Fax (+604) 886 8600
Address:                 97 Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang, Malaysia.    
Getting there:         Take a cab or drive there - this is Malaysia, public transport is never a good choice. Drive along the road to Batu Ferringhi, and you will first pass by Tanjung Tokong and start driving along a winding road with the sea on right side, the near vertical cliff wall on the left. Once you started seeing shops, you have reached Batu Ferringhi, and will be greeted by a traffic light at a junction (Holiday Inn should be at your right at the junction). Drive past this junction but stay on the right of the double lane. The entrance to the hotel is partially hidden and not very obvious, but it is the second entrance to the right after the traffic light. 

Website:                 Lone Pine Hotel main website

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