Sunday, August 19, 2018

2014 Germany Trip - St Peter's Dom aka Worms Cathedral (Wormser Dom)

Location: Worms, Germany

Itinerary and full experience of my visit to Germany can be accessed through the link below:

If there is a reason to visit Worms, a city not mentioned in most travel itineraries to Germany then the Worms Cathedral would be the reason. Officially named as St Peter's Cathedral, this is one of numerous churches dotting the city and its most important due to its significance as the seat of the Catholic Prince-Bishopric of Worms. Of course, what drawn me to Worms in the first place is also my reason for visiting this cathedral - Worms Cathedral was a historical witness to the Diet of Worms of 1521, where Martin Luther was condemned as a heretic through the Edict of Worms. This was the turning point and the beginning of the Reformation Movement.

The frontal view of Worms Cathedral

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