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Singapore Food Blog - Breakfast for Dinner @ Wild Honey

Location: Orchard, Central Business District (CBD), Singapore

Note: This piece was written base on the dining experience in Scotts Square's outlet. Experience may differ from those in another branch.

It would be odd for me to admit this, but having breakfast for dinner feels real good. Let me get the picture clearer by sharing how I came to be in this situation. I did not oversleep nor did I missed breakfast all the way until dinnertime. What I did do was to drop by Wild Honey after a day's work for their all day breakfast. After all, breakfast was the only main course they offered.

Wild Honey's storefront in Scotts Square, a mall which oddly sees less visitors and shoppers than most of Orchard's contemporaries.

We made a reservation online before we came because we tried to be there for brunch a week before, but the queue was so long that the waiter advised us to come back in an hour. Such a long queue is a testament to how popular and well-received Wild Honey is among diners.

The establishment has a really spacious outlet, with diners seated at ample distance away from each other, allowing broad walking space. Wild Honey is not just a restaurant, it also sells ingredients which appeals to the diner. Most of the sold ingredients lied in the range of breakfast items, such as rows of colorful jams lining the window as well as a central column which doubled as a bar. The interior was dimmed for dinner but strategically placed lighting illuminated the dining area enough to avoid causing the restaurant to look dark.

Wild Honey lets diners do a little grocery shopping when they are in the restaurant. Jams lined the window shelf and jars of preserved ingredients decorated a central column which doubled as a small bar.

The restaurant was packed full of people on the night we visited, yet the area was so spacious that we could still navigate effortlessly between tables. If you are visiting as in a large party, it is highly advisable to get a reservation up front to avoid a disappointing wait. A neighboring dining table was set up for a party of nine, decorated in a style not unlike a Victorian revival.

When we read the menu, we wished more than once that the menu had pictures on it to show how the dish looked like as well as knowing what ingredients were within. While each dish contained detailed descriptions of the ingredients, not every one of them were familiar to us and it got confusing with that many words floating around the menu yet not an appetizing image to be seen. Diners are highly recommended to go to Wild Honey's website to get an idea of your choices before heading to the restaurant, or to bring a connected tablet to scroll through their website's menu in case there is any doubt on the dish's appeal to you.

On the menu, a detailed description as above will be available to advise diners ingredients employed to create the dish. This would be well if the reader is not as clueless as we were on "brioche" as well as how the dish looks like. It would not do to order a dish which does not appeal to our sense of sight. In Wild Honey's website however, the menu is available to be scrolled, with appetizing images to complement the description. It is highly recommended that interested diners choose the dish before heading over to the restaurant (images snipped from Wild Honey's website).

Even before getting to the dishes, we were already excited with the drinks. A waitress poured each of us plain water from a tall bottle, presenting ourselves an illusion as if we were drinking from a wine bottle. My friend mentioned that he saw such bottles in other places, but for me that was definitely a lasting impression, an appeal to my taste.

Some of the drinks resonated the restaurant's name by including honey in them, one of which was the honey mocktail series. I for one was intrigued and got myself a Banoffee Brulee. This brunette of a drink was another eye-opener, and I had since then declared this creamy drink one of my favorite. It came with a generous swirl of meringue topping, adding a creamy texture into the already thick milkshake. My wife, the ever health conscious lass, got herself a ruby red Vegetapple, always choosing fruit juices as her first choice. A sip of the slightly puckered but all natural taste would make everyone ready for the meal.

Even being served plain water could be an eye opener. Water could be poured from a tall bottle with a swinging plastic cork, making it looked as if we are drinking from a wine bottle even though it is no more than just plain liquid.

This is Vegetapple (SGD9.00), and you just couldn't read it differently even if you tried. One of the offers listed under Fresh Market Juices, this ruby red glass of drink combined the nutritious and color of beetroot, carrot and Granny Smith apple. A slight puckery taste accompanied the fresh juice, making this juice a good appetizer before any meal.

This tawny drink is one of the honey mocktails offered by Wild Honey - Banoffee Brulee (SGD9.00). A milkshake with fresh banana (don't start singing Minions song now...), caramel, honey and crowned with flamed meringue toppings, this is one of those highly recommended and utterly memorable drinks I have sampled. The drink is slightly sweet but not sickeningly so, the generous and stylish swirl of meringue added a creamy texture to the glass of milkshake.

To choose breakfast meals as dinner felt odd, but the appetizing descriptions drove our doubts away, although we were a little confused with the involved ingredients. Any gnawing doubt over whether the amount would be enough to fill our hungry bellies after a long day's work were driven away when our ordered breakfast were served. It was well said that one should breakfast like a king, and suffice to say, a king's feast did we enjoyed.

The portion was enormous for a breakfast plate. The English breakfast, one of Wild Honey's signature dish, and Boulevard St Michel breakfast filled a hearty portion of the plate, no doubt an absolutely worthy offer for the price its price. Both of them, the former especially, allowed cautious diners to get something familiar on their plate if they objected to getting something novel on their first visit to Wild Honey, or if they found having all day breakfast during dinnertime more than enough novelty for them to bear.

Being more adventurous, I got myself a lucky weekly special which was only available in the Scotts Square outlet, a Yiddish breakfast, privileging myself to a Jewish meal without flying to Israel nor to wait for Hanukkah. While my meal could not compete in terms of size, it did win my heart with its unique and tasty taste. The avocado slices between potato latkes was soft and tasty, and a scatter of salmon pearls complemented the meal with saltiness.

A pot of tea would be essential to stand in the company of an English breakfast. One could gauge how much was fitted onto a plate for these two meals, and a sumptuous dinner did we have.

English Breakfast (SGD24.00) - one of Wild Honey's signatures and an ubiquitous western style breakfast, except that most other competitor's portion could not compete against this. Canadian back bacon, scrambled eggs, Cumberland pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, Dad's baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine ripened tomato and signature brioche - just reading the ingredients made me felt this would be a sumptuous meal. Any bite into the sausage would acquire nods around the table that this tender and chewy food made us fought over it. Add scrambled eggs and bacons onto the brioche and you could hardly get an English breakfast as good as this in Singapore.

Why a Parisian breakfast was named after a boulevard is beyond me. But there is no doubt that the greenish yellow souffle topping the meal that is Boulevard St Michel breakfast (SGD22.00) is eye-catching. The dish consists of grilled bacon and French toast, all accompanied by double baked cheese and spinach souffle, parmesan crumbed poached egg, slow roasted tomato and spicy tomato chutney. Salty bacon offered itself in all its splendor, and the creamy souffle complemented the bacon and toast with its creamy texture. 

The weekly special available only in Scotts Square outlet, Yiddish (SGD24.00) is actually quite similar to Norwegian breakfast, an offer available on the menu. The meal comes with two stacks of traditional potato latkes, traditional Jewish food consumed during Hanukkah. Layered between latkes are Testuya's Ocean Trout and sliced avocado, while creme fraiche and salmon pearls topped each stack. The latkes are like slightly crisp pancakes, and adhering everything together is the creme fraiche, adding to the meal an overall creamy texture. The soft avocado iss offset by the solid texture of the trout, and to top them all, salmon pearls leave a salty after taste after each bite.

Doubtless to say, we were very impressed by our visit to Wild Honey, filled to the brim of our tummy with fulfilling goodies. Although the price tag was a tad on the expensive side, we find the experience totally worth it, and another revisit is definitely called for.

Suitable for:             best for breakfast or brunch, but nothing goes against having it for dinner
Cost:                             Expensive, but very worth it!

Website:                    Official homepage
Contact:                     +65 - 6636 1816 (phone - Scotts Square outlet)
                                       online reservation could be made here: Online Reservation
Address:                     3rd Floor, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road.

Operating hours:   Sun - Thu (9.00 a.m. - 9.00p.m.)
                                       Fri, Sat & Evening of PH (9.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.)
Directions:                Disembark at Orchard MRT and direct yourself towards exit at Tangs. Upon exiting, walk to junction in front of Tangs and turn right (you know you are in the right direction if Shaw Center comes into view and across the road on your left). You should see Scotts Square nestled between Grant Hyatt Hotel and Tangs.

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  1. Went here once (last month I think), but gave up due to the long queue... we were advised by the captain to return in an hour (it was lunchtime on a Sunday) and we just decided to look for an alternative... if it were as good as you shared, then it was little wonder the queue was that long...


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