Saturday, September 14, 2013

Singapore Food Blog - McCafe's Green Tea Latte

Location: Singapore

Some craved for their daily dose of Starbucks, others for a shot from Coffee Bean, and even others from a variety of coffee chain stores. The coffee stalls and shops catered to the office tribes sauntering past in the morning or the retired elders loitering for a chat. For me, nothing beats the offer from McCafe.

Once again, a new offer caught my attention and I immediately ordered a cup to addict myself to it. Here is McCafe's latest "invention" - a cup of Green Tea Latte. The foamy not-really-coffee for the not-really-true-coffee-lover is a caffeine fix for me without getting an insomniac night.

Green Tea Latte (SGD4.50) - one of the latest offerings from McCafe. A combination of green tea flavor and latte, it was intended to marry Japanese green tea and caffeine lovers. It may have done the opposite.

For true espresso lover, this is not for you. With "latte" within its name, the taste of coffee is rather mild to the point of non-existent, overwhelmed by the taste of skimmed milk and green tea. Served in a large cup and adorned at the top with a sprinkle of green powder arranged into the shape of tea leaves, this would however be a good introduction of coffee to beginners, taking them slowly into the world of caffeine.

The distinctive cup of emerald may be created to woo green tea and coffee lovers, but McCafe may have done the exact opposite. Taste of green tea is strong enough to overwhelm any coffee roast, as if the milk did not remove enough of it. However if you fall in love with both, this cup may very well make your day. At the very least, it could be a nice cup of beverage for an individual looking to get something different tasting. At the price of SGD4.50 and with its generous size, I would say it still beat all those franchise coffee chain.

For me, I appreciate the sharp green tea taste overwhelming my senses while the silky smooth latte swirl in my mouth, leaving a mustache of foam over my lip. Such is the way an office worker should enjoy his day.

Suitable for:               a nice cup to enjoy your day
Cost:                              Quite affordable. I still maintain my stand that it is tastier than Starbucks, Coffee Bean or some other hot shot coffee shop chain at a lower price and larger cup.

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  1. Great to find that such a delicious flavored coffee is available at such cheap prices.It may allow you to have a extra cup of coffee.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak


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