Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Singapore Food Blog - Hatched @ Holland Village

Location: Holland Village, Singapore

Note: This piece was written base on the dining experience in Holland Village branch. Experience may differ from those in another branch.

Egg - one of the food items which removes the boundary of nations and cultures, catering vegetarians (some consider egg as a vegetarian food) and carnivores alike. Wherever you go, you can be sure that there will be at least a kind of food made from this universal food. You could fry it, bake it, boil it, half-boil it, scramble it or poach it. You can have it as a custard, omelette, tart or salad, even pickled or salted. The possibilities are endless. And it makes sense to have a cafe opened with a main theme based on eggs. You just couldn't go wrong with that. Thus was born one named Hatched.

Even salt and pepper are served through egg-shaped shakers! Something may hatch out of it... Salt and peppers perhaps?

The meals that Hatched offer are not the usual egg fare which you find elsewhere. Thoroughly western style, you get the eggs poached, boiled, scrambled, fried, baked or in omelette (yes, I said as much before) from the menu. Kids would have loved to be here with such many choices of egg-ish delights! And to be even kids friendly, the meals are named with that thought in line. Try yelling dishes like Smoked Benedict and Caesar On The Run out loud, and you will giggle beyond yourself. Just give in to your inner child and enjoy!

If you bring along a friend who is not an egg enthusiast (that would be weird), Hatched has something for them as well. Just flip to the sweet egg section, where desserts are offered or Friends-of-Egg, where other non-egg choices cater to the aforementioned non-enthusiasts.

The exterior belies a well decorated interior. A chalkboard drawn full of cartoon characters named after egg meals. The cartoons are not going to grab any awards soon but it does add a touch of affection for kids.

The neighborhood of Holland Village is not unfamiliar with diners, what with bars, bakeries, restaurants and fine dining opening around the area, but Hatched still stand out among them with its offers. Entering into the cafe, a chalkboard filled one side of the cafe as if inviting kids to vandalize on it with graffiti. And indeed, cartoons and decorations are colorfully drawn out on the chalkboard, allowing a more homey feel to the cafe.

Beef Pot Pie (SGD18) - a delightful offering from Scrambling Sam for scrambled and beef lovers! A true delight, the generous serving of scrambled egg covered a surprise below, a hollowed out bun which served as a container for beef pie. Tip the bun over to let the pie's gravy and slices of beef flow out, then mix with scrambled egg to start your day. Nothing could be better than dark gravy spiced up with black pepper blending into scrambled and filling your mouth!

Oozy Baked Egg (SGD12) - baked egg served in a cup the size of a bowl and parked under Baked Billy's region. The fluffy cheese top of the meal belies the half-boiled interior, both of which could be scooped up together and served on the toast. Bacon, tomato and mushroom blend generously into the baked egg to add onto the delightful meal.

Do not be surprised if you see a throng of people wander around Hatched - these are diners waiting for their seats. It is recommended that diners arrive early for brunch rather than lunch as the crowd could overflow the meager space in the cafe. With space at such a premium, diners could get too intimate with the patron seated at the next table.

Suitable for:            although it is opened for the whole day, it is more suitable for breakfast or brunch; with limited seats, it suits couples and especially family with kids
Cost:                             considering that egg is the word here, it is not that cheap, but worth an occasional visit

Website:                    Official homepage
Contact:                     +65 - 6463 0012 (Holland Village branch phone)
Address:                     267 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278989.

Operating hours:   Tue - Sun (9.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m.)
                                       closed on Mondays
Directions:                Disembark at Holland Village MRT and aim towards Holland Road. The cafe is right at the exit after riding the escalator.

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