Sunday, July 7, 2013

Singapore Food Fair @ City Square Mall

Location: City Square Mall, Singapore

It seems that the month of July, coinciding with the mid-year's GSS (Great Singapore Sale), offers a whole lot of food festivals and offers. Right after the one I saw in Takashimaya Shopping Center, I stumbled into another one in City Square Mall, a short distance away from the former.

The food festival offered here has less choices, but the flavor caters more to the local taste. The average price of food items here is less than $10, an affordable choice for me. Most of the items on offer here are street foods, such as selling glutinous rice and fish balls, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a stall selling crabs, each of them cooked and readily soaked in your choice of gravy.

If you are working near the area or are passing by the area, why not drop by and savor the delicious items on offer on L1 Atrium of City Square Mall?

Date:           5 - 14 Jul 2013
Entry fee:    Free

Location:     180 Kitchener Road, L1 Atrium, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539.

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