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Singapore Food Blog - Fish and Co @ Changi Airport T2

Location: Changi Airport, Singapore

Every time we disembark from our flight in Changi Airport's T2, it would be right around dinner time. Nobody to blame on that but the fact that there was but 2 flights per day from our hometown to Singapore, and we picked the later flight so that we can spend a little more time at home. Home sweet home, as they say.

The thought of the 3 changes in public transit and hour long journey ahead was not helping, so our growling stomachs demanded sacrifices be made to accommodate their churning wrath. There were a wide range of choices of restaurants and cafes in Changi Airport, so to choose from such myriad choices and still have money left in our purses will required careful considerations.

I had eyed Fish and Co for a long time since I set foot in Singapore, but my impression of the restaurant chain was a seafood establishment with a not-so-impressive price tag. Still, sooner or later I would try it, what with fish and chips being one of my favorite. With that thought in mind, I asked myself, why not sooner rather than later?

Dining in Fish and Co means seeing fish everywhere. A fish shaped hard pad for your dish, a metal fishing bucket mimicking the one used to store catches for your utensils, and a fishing magazine-like menu for your orders. The store even has fishy facts on its wallpaper. All in all, a good day to fish (and co).

A glance at the proffered menu when we were seated change my impression of the restaurant - this is no mere seafood restaurant. The choices of fish and chips are mind-boggling - I have never seen a restaurant with that many choices of the dish to be chosen from. And true to its name, most of the dishes, from pasta to main courses, offered choices of fish cooked in different ways.

Fish and chips - how many ways could you serve such a dish? Fish and Co educated me on that matter. There was the old-schooled way, with lemon butter sauce over a pan fried fish with light and crispy batter and hooking you with the taste of sweet fish flesh. Or you could have it the Singapore way, with chili crab sauce over it. Or the Danish way. Or the New York way. It was as if they went the world over to search high and low for different wonderful fish and chips. And maybe they did, considering the fact that these are all under the section "Fish and Chips from around the world".

And as if they have not impress a diner enough, they serve their fares in a pan. Yea, that's right. A pan. Such is the length Fish and Co tries to invent their image - through good food and an environment that is as fish themed as possible, promoting a feel of eating freshly caught fresh fishes.

It's "The Best Fish and Chips in Town" (SGD15.95). Yes, the menu really put that as its name, and this signature dish of theirs is not bragging. Devoid of anything fancy with just what you would expect on fish and chips - lemon butter sauce over fish coated in light and crispy batter, and a slice of lemon and a bowl of tartar sauce for your perusal. The fish itself is a wonder, the flesh parting easily, each bite a revelation. Lightly salted golden fries go well with the fish. If you aren't sure what to choose, choose this over others.

Couldn't afford to go to Denmark for a dish of fish and chips? Fish and Co can help you on that with "Danish Fish and Chips" (SGD17.95), a dish generously stuffed with mozzarella cheese and a fish coated with crispy batter. You can almost taste the egg in the batter itself.

Fish and Co even have a Singaporean version in their "Singapore Fish and Chips" (SGD16.95). The chili crab sauce spread over the fish is not that spicy, and not that close to the famous ones you get, like that of JUMBO Seafood Restaurant. But they get points for being creative.

Fish and chips resonate better with Fish and Co, but they do serve other choices of seafood dish as mentioned. Baked rice, pizza, pasta - you name it, they have it. Whichever dish you choose, the fish they serve tastes fresh, as if it was just hauled in from a catch from the shore. The sweet and succulent meat will leave you wondering if you could still stuff for more.

Baked Salmon with Citrus Crust (SGD19.95) has a slightly crispy crust coating the sweet and succulent salmon, a recommended choice outside the usual range of fish and chips. 

Would it be wrong for me to say that one of the things we love about this fish selling restaurant is their drinks? The soothing "Diver's Choice" range of drinks are highly recommended to diners, the sparkling liquid leaving a cooling sensation and a lingering taste. Our favorite has been the mojito, a blend of soda, lime and strong sweet minty flavor. The plain mojito is the best, but there are choices of blending passion fruit or lychee into the drink to add some fun into the minty thirst quencher.

Fish and Co has a few choices of mojito - this is the Passion Fruit Mojito (SGD7.95). The taste of passion fruit is not very obvious, the minty flavor of the drink overcoming any hint of the fruit's taste. Which is exactly what I like...

Double Yellow Line (SGD7.95) is rather obvious when the yellow drink was delivered. A citrus punch with lime and orange flavor in the mix, this is another sparkling recommendation, with a subtle sour tang in the mix.

Writing towards the end of this piece made my mouth watered, and I realized in hindsight how much I would like to revisit this restaurant to taste those other choices of food fare that they have to offer. The endless choices and succulent fish really beckons me, more so than the sound of the sea would to a fisherman. Such is the pull Fish and Co exerts on me.

Note: This article is written base on dining experience in the branch based in Change International Airport, T2. Experience may vary from other branch of the same restaurant.

Suitable for:            for family or friends, and especially celebration friendly
Cost:                             Not exactly a place to dine daily, considering at least SGD15 per person is expected. But dining here once a week is still comfortably affordable.

Website:                    Official homepage
Contact:                     +65 - 6546 4485 (phone)/+65 - 6546 4486 (fax) (Changi Airport T2 branch)
Address:                     3rd level Changi Airport Terminal 2, Viewing Gallery South, #036-058 Singapore, 918141.

Operating hours:   Weekdays (11.30 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.)
                                           Weekends (10.30 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.)
Directions:                Disembark at Changi Airport MRT station. Head towards Terminal 2, and head to the 3rd level (the check in counters are on 2nd level). You should see the restaurant facing the check in area.


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