Monday, October 4, 2010

Cheesy Bites Dip-licious from Pizza Hut

This picture was taken when I went to visit Pizza Hut to celebrate the year 2010. Cheesy Bites Dip-licipious was the rush then, and I tried this under pressure from my girlfriend... I did not regret it though, and as a cheese lover, this is the perfect dish for me!

Cheesy Bites Dip-licious, with a bowl of mouth-watering melted cheese

There were enough cheese to go around, as the bulbous crusts surrounding the pizza were actually filled with melted cheese, and if you did not have enough, there was a separate bowl of melted cheese for you to dip into before gobbling it down.

An advertisement from Youtube may serve to refresh your memory if you do not remember how the cheesy it can be.

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