Friday, October 1, 2010

Malaysia Food Blog - Eastin Hotel - The Lobby Lounge

Location: Bayan Lepas, Penang Isle

Setting up Eastin Hotel next to Queensbay Mall and so near to the Free Industrial Zone in Bayan Lepas could not be a more strategic choice. With multitudes of multinational companies located in the neighbourhood, scores of foreign representatives can be expected to drop by the neighbouhood every month. As it is these companies' culture to have dinners and teambuilding activities, and with it being in the vicinity, a budgetary lunch in this hotel would be an irresistable offer. As such, it has always intrigued me what such a hotel can offer to one's palate.

A seminar by one of my company's supplier lent me the oppurtunity to try out their buffet lunch in the Lobby Lounge. The lounge area greets visitors with a tall ceiling and a spacious layout, along with two parallel rows of dishes. Combine this with sparse decorations and a white motif, and you get a sense of freedom and peace of mind. I seldom attribute this sense to buffet areas, which I somehow expect to be tumultous and rowdy, with throngs of hungry diners grabbing for the last bit from the dish.

The entrance to the Lounge. You will be greeted by tall windows and high ceilings. The applied motif is white and hexagons.

The buffet lines. The hexagonal decorations are actually reflective mirrors.

The usual lineup of local dishes are as expected, with steamed rice, rendang beef, chicken and such. They are as delicious as ever, and are what you would have expected from a hotel lunch buffet. Not much that I can describe of the food there, as the usual expected dishes are there.

Apart from the dishes for main course, the cold dish are offered as well. The dessert and salad bar have no less to offer, with cakes lining up to challenge your already filled stomach. For a sweet tooth like me, this line has always been my favourite, and the place to decide whether I shall return for more.

The cold dishes placed on marble tops.

Puddings and cakes which you can never have too little of.

Tiny slices of cakes, irresistably cute and tasty!

If you are a fan of rojak, which I believe most are, and which unfortunately I am not one of them, then there is a rojak bar to serve your needs. The three ladies beside me at that time cannot resist the temptation of placing their paws on it, and their expression when they dig in tells me that while this is not bad, this is not what they expect as well. Of course, this may not be true to other rojak fans, so do try it out and enjoy if you are there!

All in all, the food is on par with what I have tried in other hotels. The mood and decoration, which I really do enjoy, left a more lasting impression on me than its food. If your company is located in the Bayan Lepas neighbourhood and you are looking for a budgetary buffet, this could be in your list of choices.

Suitable for:            corporate lunch


Contact:                    +604 - 612 1111
Address:                    1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay 11900 Bayan Lepas,
                                      Penang, Malaysia
Operating hours:  11am - 12am (Mondays - Sundays)
Parking:                     Parking is available within the hotel and around the parking lots within the shophouse area around it; one can also park within Queensbay Mall and walk over

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