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Malaysia Food Blog - Citrus Wine and Dine @ Ipoh

Location: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

I am pleasantly surprised by how many nice dining spots there are in Ipoh (apart from the usual delicious hawker fares) despite being born here. Citrus Wine and Dine is not a hipster cafe that sprouts from the craze in recent years but a cozy restaurant for families and groups who look for a secret nice spot only known to the locals. I have passed by the location quite often and yet I never knew of its existence until my wife brought me for a birthday celebration.

They have an extensive menu that could cater for any celebration whims, including high grade beef. However for our first visit we contended ourselves with their set lunch of the day, at a price of RM26.50 per set. Each set came with the soup of the day (we got cream of mushroom), coffee or tea, a main course and a slice of cake for dessert (we had a delicious piece of chocolate cake). Each of us got ourselves a different main course - a BBQ Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and an Aglio Olio spaghetti.

Each set comes with an appetizer in the form of a soup (ours were cream of mushroom) and a cup of coffee or tea. The dreamily creamy soup is delightfully delicious, its thick yet smooth texture perked up our appetite, getting it ready in anticipation of the main course.

The lovely wife

Size matters! Citrus is generous on portions.

I like how the BBQ Chicken parted easily with each slice, the tender flesh easy on the palate. The Aglio Olio was also a favorite, the spaghetti's slightly springy texture slurped easily into the mouth and the dish not overwhelming with spiciness. It would do well if it were slightly moistened for it was a tad too dry for me. Still, no complains there.

Oh, did I mention that their appetizer and desserts deserve a mention? No? Then let me emphasize that they should. A dreamily creamy soup perked up our appetite before the main course was served, and an addictive cube of chocolate cake ended the course in a crescendo, flooding our mouth with an irresistible flavor.

It would be better if the Aglio Olio is moist but its taste is superbly well done. Springy spaghetti mixed well with a companion of spices. Thick slices of sausages can only make the dish go better.

Although it does not look like it, this is actually quite a generous portion. The slab of tender chicken flesh parts easily with each slice and each chew releasing its pent up BBQ sauce flavor into your palate.

Such a slab of chocolaty goodness can never go wrong! Dip the chocolate cake into the vanilla cream and feel it melt in your mouth in a explosion of heavenly sweetness!

A spacious interior - the area shown here is but approximately half of the ground floor seating area.

Citrus' store front

Citrus Wine and Dine is undoubtedly a great hidden gem, so much so that I was torn between sharing it out and invite a deluge of hipsters, and to keep it in my list of "peaceful spots to go to in my hometown". Alas a look around its compound was enough to alleviate my worries - with two-stories of indoor seating and an open air seating areas of similar size, this is a restaurant that can accommodate parties of diners. I would definitely return and sample their main dishes beyond those offered in the set meal, with the hope that I would encounter more pleasant surprises!

Environment:          A residential area of Ipoh
Suitable for:             for family or friends, or just for usual dining
Price:                           luxurious (>RM30 per meal per pax)
Food score:                 9/10
Food:                            5.0/5.0
Service:                        5.0/5.0
Value:                           4.0/5.0
Ambiance:                   3.5/5.0

Operating hours:   (noon)     11.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.; 
                                        (evening) 6.30 p.m. - 11.00 p.m.; 
                                        closed every Monday

Website:                    Facebook page of Citrus Dine and Wine
Contact:                    +605 - 545 1010 (phone)
Address:                    No. 38-46 Laluan Ipoh Perdana, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

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