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2014 Germany Trip - Road to Rothenburg

Location: Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Itinerary and full experience of my visit to Germany can be accessed through the link below:

Sometimes it pays to take public transport rather than just zipping down the lane in the comfort of your own vehicle. I chose to sacrifice my time by taking more transits and time to reach in order to enjoy the scenery since I did not need to be behind the wheels. A fine weather would grant me a glimpse into the German countryside which seldom see any tourists.

Steinach station

There are more than 1 place with the name "Steinach" in Germany so this station has to differentiate itself from the others by adding "bei Rothenburg ob der Tauber".

Getting to Rothenburg ob der Tauber from Frankfurt am Main requires 2 transits (3 from my accommodation as I was not staying in Frankfurt itself) and close to 3 hours. I needed to first get to Würzburg (read more on the adventure here), then onward to Steinach in order to transit to Rothenburg itself. The journey to Würzburg was not new to me, but the rest of the journey was.

Rothenburg is serviced only by 1 rail, connecting only to the town of Steinach through RB82 so all arrivals by train need to transit there. The small railway line only passes through 2 other settlements and maybe due to this lack of occupancy the patch of pastures looked rather inviting. Whether it was coincidental or deliberately so, the train to Rothenburg departs only a few minutes after the arrival of the train from Würzburg, saving some transit time.


There is only 1 train to Rothenburg ob der Tauber and that is RB82, which departs every hour.


I was rather taken in with the view outside the train, the verdant pastures and azure sky mesmerizing my fellow tourists and me alike. Sounds of murmured approval and happily snapping cameras filled the cabin, heightening the already excited atmosphere. I appreciated the train's window design - rather than the usual size, these windows panes opened up the view as much as possible, allowing the maximum unobstructed vista as possible. The vertical columns separating panes were spaced out and it covered the height from right below the storage compartment above to seat level, so passengers could appreciate more of the view compared to other trains.




The train journey took a leisurely 15 minutes so I just sat back to enjoy the scenery whizzing by. It was a superb experience to bask under the sun in a warm cabin and appreciating the unparalleled vista. Before long I was at my destination and I became immediately busy at my next task - getting my bearings like every other tourists there.

Environment:         A historic old town area
Suitable for:            History buffs
Visit worthiness:   7.5/10 (the town is out of the way so skip if you are short on time in Germany, but the historical value would attract every history buff)
Historical value:        5.0/5.0 
Architectural value:  4.0/5.0
Photographic value:  4.0/5.0
Landmark value:       2.0/5.0

Entrance Fee:                   free
Opening Hours:              anytime
Best Moment to Visit:  Arrive early to avoid the tourist buses arriving past noon. Tourist by train arrivals usually will reach after 11 a.m.
Length of Visit:               6 - 8 hours

Website:                   Rothenburg tourism website
Contact:                    -
E-mail:                      -
Address:                   Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

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