Sunday, January 6, 2013

Singapore Food Blog - McCafe's Toffee Nut Latte

Location: Singapore

After my experience with McCafe’s special promotion, Hot Choco Banana, I tried going back for another frothy cup of it. Just so it happens, a new series of promotional beverages took over and it was not offered anymore.

The swirls of syrup over frothed milk is a good way to make your day even before you tasted the first sip.

Since November, McCafe exchanged the original series of hot drinks and ice-blends with something more in the nature of Christmas. Since I preferred hot beverages over cold, I got myself a cup of Toffee Nut Latte (SGD4.20), took a seat, and took a sip. 

Toffee, being a sweet confection, should not have surprised me with its sweetness in the cup but it did anyway. The cup was sweet by a coffee standard, and I could not register the distinctive tang of coffee even though this was a latte which I ordered. 

For showmanship though, it won my heart hands down. The swirl of syrup over froth milk formed by the steady hands of a barista just made my day even before I took my first sip. 

In hindsight, I still preferred Hot Choco Banana over Toffee Nut Latte, but McCafe can hardly be blamed for it. While I had not experienced it prior to this, toffee nut latte should have been sweet and buttery. Still it would have been better if the taste of coffee could still be registered in that mixture of frothed milk and caramelized toffee, but I should not have ordered a latte if I wanted a cup of Joe. 

Having said that, this may not be a bad experience if one were a first timer having his virgin experience of sampling a cup of coffee. The caffeine content should be mild enough and the taste subtle enough to allow a virgin walk away with satisfaction and a will to go for stronger coffee. 

Suitable for:             a nice cup to enjoy your day
Cost:                              Quite affordable. I still maintain my stand that it is tastier than Starbucks, Coffee Bean or some other hot shot coffee shop chain at a lower price and larger cup.

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