Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 HK Trip - Snoopy's World (史諾比開心世界) Part 2

Location: Sha Tin (沙田), S.A.R. Hong Kong, China

Snoopy's World in Sha Tin is no mere playground - every section of the playground is fun-filled with different type of interactive adventure for kids. Even adults are drawn to the playground to have snapshots with their favorite characters in different poses.

If the visitor cares to look up when he is within the doghouse at Snoopy's World's entrance, he will be rewarded with pictures of the adorable beagle in its different poses.

Remember the huge doghouse of Snoopy's which serve as the entrance to the playground? Seems like Charlie Brown is seated comfortably on a sofa watching TV in the doghouse!

Snoopy's World caters for wedding occasions as well, and a section of the playground is dominated by huge casts of wedding related items. A pair of entwined wedding rings and a champagne leaning against two glasses will make any wedding proposals and oath of matrimony meaningful against such backdrop.

If you had not prepare your wedding ring for proposal, fret not - you could choose to propose under these huge rings... ^^

And a huge champagne is available for you to celebrate a successful proposal as well!

Both the rings and champagne are situated in a cartoon themed "street" at the furthest end from the entrance.

The play ground may enchant the kids but adults, especially ones with cameras, may be drawn to the furthest end from the entrance. A mock-up street with its own shops carved on the wall recreates a world that brings the more imaginative ones into the fictional world of Snoopy.

It would have been nice if this "Snoopy Theater" is real and not just a part of a carved wall...

The whole gang of Peanuts awaits your embrace!

Environment:         Children playground in the city center
Suitable for:           Kids love it here, as well as families spending an evening here. The playground also caters for wedding ceremonies.

Opening Hours:      Daily 10.00a.m. - 10.00p.m.
Address:                 Snoopy's World, L3 podium, New Town Plaza, Shatin.
Getting there:         Take the MTR to Sha Tin station and enter Citylink Plaza, which the station exits into. Snoopy's World is located in New Town Plaza just right across the plaza on the other end from the station's exit. 

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