Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 HK Trip - Snoopy's World (史諾比開心世界) Finale

Location: Sha Tin (沙田), S.A.R. Hong Kong, China

A final article sharing on photos of Snoopy's World... Too tired for words, so here's another article with minimal words...

To Snoopy's World we go!

School time! Never forget that you still have class to attend while playing in Snoopy's World... But fear not, for the Peanuts band will cheer you up!

Tiled on the center of the playground is the large image of Snoopy itself.

Barbecue anyone?

Whitewater rafting in a cool style! This was in fact taken in front of a narrow water canal which was not functioning at that moment. I believe that this section allows kids to sit in a mock canoe and slide through the water canal.

Back to school in Snoopy's school bus...

Farewell Snoopy's World! I won't forget the memories you bring!

Environment:         Children playground in the city center
Suitable for:           Kids love it here, as well as families spending an evening here. The playground also caters for wedding ceremonies.

Opening Hours:      Daily 10.00a.m. - 10.00p.m.
Address:                 Snoopy's World, L3 podium, New Town Plaza, Shatin.
Getting there:         Take the MTR to Sha Tin station and enter Citylink Plaza, which the station exits into. Snoopy's World is located in New Town Plaza just right across the plaza on the other end from the station's exit. 

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