Monday, November 21, 2011

Malaysia Food Blog - International Buffet Dinner @ Café Laurel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel Part 2

Location: Gurney Drive, Georgetown, Penang Isle

Truth is, I was slightly disappointed with the food there. Not to say that the food was not nice, but the selection of food could do with some improvement. Since this was supposed to be an international buffet, with Italian as a the main choice of theme, the choices were the usual you would expect from any locally planned 'international buffet'.

A dish of yummies, all deep fried to golden crispiness! Maybe I should take back my word on nothing special here... deep fried vegetables were indeed different (it was labeled as 'tempura vegetable').

And what were these...?

These were other extraordinary dishes - seafood, but not in a way that I usually encounter. Tasted not bad too. 

The more usual seafood was available as well. Here was a crab based food (forgot the name though).

More dishes for the hungry mass!

The popular (and my personal) favorite deep fried chicken fillets...

...along with other local delights were arrayed for your pickings!

If you were wondering where was all the Italian food, fret not! Here's the Italian food corner! Quite a limited area, if I may say so.

Can't have Italian food without good old pasta eh?

Cakes and desserts - who doesn't like them?

An array of colorful and  inviting desserts.

The bread and salad corner for the health conscious and a fiber-filled diet.

Who said that a healthy diet has to be boring? Look at the colorful array of salads awaiting at this corner and see how a healthy diet could be colorfully inviting.

Serve your buns with butter and a warm bowl of soup.

Salad dressings anyone?

Fruits are preserved fresh atop cubes of ice.

As I looked back to my dining experience, I was still pleasantly surprised that the one most memorable thing I had in Café Laurel was... their milk. The full cream milk was pleasant sweet, the kind of sweet that was different from any other milk which I tasted before.

Never thought that my most memorable experience in Café Laurel would be their milk.

Not sure what type of coffee toast and milk was used, but I was sure that the machine played a great part in preparing a nice glass of latte! 

And in Café Laurel was where I learned how to make latte, in 3 layers! Woohoo! The special contraption they called a coffee machine was sophisticated, and when I saw the waiter created it, I was pleasantly surprised. I forgot how it was made, but I believe that milk was added first, and the espresso gently poured in, aided by the back of a long spoon. The coffee will form a layer between then denser milk deposited below and lighter foam above.

Latte, my favorite type of coffee! And to top it off, 3 layered! I have learned since that this type of mixture (espresso added into milk) is known as latte macchiato.

I can still recall the sweet fragrant that accompany my glass of latte... I could not resist getting 2 glasses full even though I would get insomnia that night. How I wished for another try on that...

I came with great expectations, and although not exactly satisfied with the selection of food, still managed to get a comfortable experience off Café Laurel's buffet. And I still miss my latte macchiato...

Suitable for:            A romantic dinner for 2.
Cost:                             Luxurious; it's a buffet, don't expect it to be cheap!

Website:                    Main Homepage or Alternative Homepage (the second seems more helpful)

Contact:                     +604 - 226 9988; +604 - 226 9989 (fax)
Address:                     53, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
                                        If you are at the end where Gurney Plaza is, just go along the road until near the other end. It is the second hotel (but third building) from the end.

Operating hours:  whenever you need, but I guess calling them up in the middle of the night is a bit ridiculous... ^^
Parking:                   I still recommend parking along the roadside though. Roadside parking only charges right up to 9p.m., so it's essentially free parking after that. Just pay the collector right up to 9p.m.

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