Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Malaysia Food Blog - International Buffet Dinner @ Café Laurel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel Part 1

Location: Gurney Drive, Georgetown, Penang Isle

When I was in Evergreen Laurel Hotel a few months ago (read here for my previous article), I noticed the nicely decorated Café Laurel, but never paid it any thoughts. Now after a few months later, I got my paws on some discounted vouchers and here I am, visiting the hotel in Gurney Drive for a second time.

A dazzling central area of the café where a variety of seafood awaits.
Of course before you step into the hotel, first be mesmerized by the lighting.

Another view of the dazzling hotel front.

Stepping into the lobby is like stepping into a brightly lit cavern of paradise, and crossing a short span from the lobby, is the entrance to the café. The café looked like a garden hidden by a leafy arch which marked the entrance, beckoning diners into the Eden of food. Since the hotel's name is based on greenery and a plant, it is no surprise to me that the main theme of the café is garden and leaves.

The hotel's lobby still gave me the impression of a cavernous area with its high ceiling and ample lighting. 

An arc of greens greeted visitors before they journey into the world that is Café Laurel.

The interior of Café Laurel, spacious and well lit with amber lighting to promote a comfortable environment. The café itself runs on a garden theme, with the whole place decorated like one.

Even the counter itself spotted a golden stalk of... laurel?

I heard that there were times when the café was full (mainly because lots of people bought the same voucher as me... ^^), but the day which I chose saw relatively sparse diners. There were spacious distance between tables, providing ample space for diners to transport their plates full of food to and fro between their seats and the buffet area, with instrumental music filling the air all the while.

The brownish furniture matches the amber lighting, along with the green carpets to create the garden like atmosphere, as if you were dining in the shades of a garden under the sun.

Another area of the café for those who preferred chairs to couches.

Cages with intertwining stalks of leaves fulfilling the café's theme of dining in a garden.

Most of the tables are accompanied by a bottle of grains, further enhancing the theme of garden dining. 

A candle sealed in an ornate lamp in front of a painting. What's more romantic than this?

All the while when I was dining in Café Laurel, the impression of dining in a garden was strong. A perfect match to the hotel's namesake, reflecting an artificially created garden environment. The environment's fine enough, but what about the food there? Stay tuned for the next part...

Suitable for:            A romantic dinner for 2.
Cost:                             Luxurious; it's a buffet, don't expect it to be cheap!

Website:                    Main Homepage or Alternative Homepage (the second seems more helpful)
E-mail:                       elhpen@evergreen-hotels.com

Contact:                     +604 - 226 9988; +604 - 226 9989 (fax)
Address:                     53, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
                                        If you are at the end where Gurney Plaza is, just go along the road until near the other end. It is the second hotel (but third building) from the end.

Operating hours:  whenever you need, but I guess calling them up in the middle of the night is a bit ridiculous... ^^
Parking:                   I still recommend parking along the roadside though. Roadside parking only charges right up to 9p.m., so it's essentially free parking after that. Just pay the collector right up to 9p.m.

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