Thursday, June 23, 2016

Singapore Food Blog - Outback Steakhouse @ Orchard Gateway

Location: Orchard, Central Business District (CBD), Singapore

Note: This post is written base on the dining experience in Orchard Gateway branch. Experience may vary from that of other outlets.

We came across Outback Steakhouse's offer while surfing Groupon, which was how we were introduced to its existence. Its branch in Orchard Gateway is out of the usual foot traffic but at a corner of the building which affords a great view across the Orchard area if you choose to be seated near the windows.

The service we received in Outback Steakhouse was not bad although it can be difficult to wave a waiter over. Being a steakhouse, their signature dish is naturally steaks of all types, but our Groupon voucher limits our choices to 3: Toowoomba Chicken (SGD24.90), ribs and chicken combo (SGD34.90), and Black Pepper Steak Bites (SGD24.90). We had enough vouchers for 3 persons so naturally we chose all 3 to try them out.


Our meal came with an irresistible bowl of Cream of Mushroom, the soup of that day, its creamy texture just begged to be scooped. Of all 3 choices, Toowoomba Chicken was our favorite. We were hooked by its tender flesh and the addition of succulent prawns in a creamy sauce. The steak bites were not to our taste, which was a surprise to us since we would expect that a steakhouse would offer the best steak bites.

Soup of the day: Cream of Mushroom. Do not underestimate the power of this soup: it can lure you to the soup side and you will spiral down its never ending temptation for more soup! Its creamy texture is irresistible, and so is the sweet and fragrant taste in your mouth...

Toowoomba Chicken (SGD24.90) was surprisingly the best of the 3 dishes. The tender flesh and succulent prawns topped with creamy gravy just made our day.

Baby Back Ribs and Alice Springs Chicken combo (SGD34.90) got a mixed review from us. The chicken was tough on the palate, not the juicy tenderness of Toowoomba, perhaps due to a lack of gravy. The baby back ribs parted easily and went much easier on our palate. Of course having nicely cut fries gave positive points to this dish.

Black Pepper Steak Bites (SGD24.90) was surprisingly disappointing. The steak is too well done and a dish of bites that challenged our teeth's strength was the outcome. Once again, a sides of fries came to the rescue.

All in all the dining experience was a great one. Our disappointment in the steak bites was more than covered by the delicious Toowoomba Chicken, and perhaps we shall return to savor its steaks. It would have been great if future Groupon vouchers would allow us to try their steaks as well.

Environment:          A steakhouse in city center
Suitable for:             for friends gathering
Price:                           luxurious (>SGD30 per meal per pax)
Food score:                 7/10
Food:                            3.5/5.0
Service:                        4.0/5.0
Value:                           3.5/5.0
Ambient:                      3.0/5.0

Operating hours:   11.30 a.m. - 10.30 p.m.
Directions:                Disembark at Somerset MRT station, go up to Orchard Gateway level 4. The shop is towards the back, away from the escalator.

Website:                    Official homepage of Outback Steakhouse Orchard Gateway
Contact:                    +65 - 6702 6842 (phone)/ +65 - 6702 6846 (fax) (Orchard Gateway branch)
Address:                    277 Orchard Road, #04-01 Orchard Gateway, Orchard Gateway, 238858.

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