Saturday, October 31, 2015

Singapore 2015 World Stamp Exhibition Philatelic Passport

I was arranging my philatelic properties when I spied upon the Philatelic Passport from the Singapore 2015 World Stamp Exhibition. A philatelic passport is a folder or booklet that is created in conjunction with stamp exhibitions so that visitors, enthusiasts and otherwise, could go on a treasure hunt to collect stamps of various nations to fill up the blank spots of the passport. This not only give visitors a chance to engage themselves in an immersive activity but also helped generate extra income for the stamps traders.

For me that was the first time I engaged in such activity so naturally I was excited to get started. The booth to get the appropriate nation's stamp is marked next to the nation's slot in the passport to help hunters get the stamp easily. With my passport in hand, I started going around to find the relevant booths, each offering various stamps from the nation for my selection and a cancellation after I applied it to my passport.

My full completion of Singapore 2015 World Stamp Exhibition Philatelic Passport (apart from the missing spot in Saudi Arabia. Click for a bigger view.

It was a fun activity but very exhausting and costly. Most nations' stamps could be obtained from the booth for SGD1 - 2 but some was sold at SGD 3 - 5 and some others even higher. I forgot how much I spent but I distinctly remembering that SGD10 bills kept slipping out from my wallet. Nevertheless it was a worthy spending, and too bad that I couldn't get the stamp from Saudi Arabia, them having left the exhibition the day before my visit. It also took me close to 6 hours to collect all of the stamps, most of the booth lined with long queues of collectors trying to fill up the passport as well.

As exhausting as it was, the effort was a worthy one, leaving me with a wonderful memory of the exhibition as well as granting me further knowledge of the stamps of the world.

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