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Singapore Food Blog - No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (无招牌海鲜)

Location: Harborfront, Singapore

Note: This post is written base on the dining experience in Vivocity branch. Experience may vary from that of other outlets.

Yes, that is the name of the restaurant – No Signboard. Of course there is a signboard there. Anyway. We decided to celebrate our CNY meal this year in a seafood restaurant, and so No Signboard became our choice. 

The signboard says 'No Signboard". Confused yet?

No Signboard was offering set meals for large groups, so we picked one with the auspicious price of SGD488, consisting of 8 courses for a group of 10. With so much ‘8’, I guess this year will surely be a huat year!

无招牌拼盘 | No signboard platter

                       港式蒸西曹 | Hong Kong style steamed sea-bass

                          XO酱炒带子 | Saute scallop with superior XO sauce

白胡椒螃蟹 | White pepper crab   

清炒西兰花 | Stir-fried broccoli   

                   柠檬鸡 | Deep-fried lemon chicken

      扬州炒饭 | Yang-chow fried rice

               龙眼杏仁豆腐 | Almong beancurd with longans

The interior of No Signboard was really spacious, with a decor fit for royalty. Hanging crystal chandeliers provided ample lighting to illuminate the cavernous place, and there were even a pillar with a dragon sculpture to go with. 

There is a corner where the decor is much grander, with an elaborate dragon coiling along the pillar. Too bad with the crowd within I didn't manage to get a shot at that corner.

What I loved most with Singaporean restaurants was their level of service. Apart from a certain few dishes, most of the courses could be carved into individual portions and served individually upon request. Take for example, we requested the fish to be separated into portions and in doing so, avoided messing up the fish into an ungainly sight. 

I guess the reason why they call themselves “No Signboard” may be due to their own confidence in their level of cooking, because the dishes were really great! This is especially true for their signature white pepper crab, what with us fighting to scoop up every last swipe of the sauce. Its spiciness mingled with subtle sweetness tingled the tongue, not too much to burn the buds yet enough to excite them. 

Personally I would also vote for their Sauté Scallop with Superior XO Sauce (XO酱炒带子). This time the spiciness was the subtle one and its sweetness the main taste. The sauce coating the large scallop piece was enough to make me eye for more of them. 

First course - appetizers! Their No Signboard Platter (无招牌拼盘) is filled with delicacies to gear the tummy up for subsequent rounds!

True to be its signature dish, their White Pepper Crab (白胡椒螃蟹) is superb. The succulent crab meat is not the one which caught my attention, but the thick white pepper sauce. Though not salsa hot, it nevertheless saw us fighting over each swipe of it.

Sauté Scallop with Superior XO Sauce (XO酱炒带子) is another one of my favorite dish! The spicy sauteed scallops are succulent and sort of melts in your mouth. That's because the solid texture of the white round piece readily parts once you bite down on it and the taste explodes in your palate, leaving you speechless and ready to grab on the next piece before the others do.

Well, who would not love Deep-Fried Lemon Chicken (柠檬鸡)? Crunchy on the outside and paired with those mouth puckering lemon juice, this is a dish that could not go wrong.

A dessert to wrap up the meal - Almond Beancurd with Longans (龙眼杏仁豆腐). Subtly sweet and soothing, the almond taste explodes in your mouth with each chew of the beancurd. If you chew it with a piece of longan, it would definitely help make those fiery hot dishes you samples previously go down easier.

For such a large group and with 8 courses, combined with the fact that we were digging into seafood, the price was reasonable. Their white pepper crab is definitely a thumbs-up and if I get the chance, I would like to try out their other variety of flavors.

Environment:         A seafood restaurant on the top floor of a seaside mall
Suitable for:            for family or friends
Price:                          luxurious (>SGD20 per meal per pax)
Food score:              8.5/10
Food:                           4.5/5.0
Service:                       4.5/5.0
Value:                          4.0/5.0
Ambient:                     4.0/5.0

Operating hours:   (daily)  11.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m.
Directions:                Disembark at Harborfront MRT station and head to the rooftop level (3rd floor). Walk around the level to find this restaurant.

Website:                    Official homepage of No Signboard Restaurant
Contact:                    +65 - 6376 9959 (phone) (Vivocity branch)
E-mail:                      -
Address:                    1 Harborfront Walk, #03-02 Vivocity, Singapore 098585.

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