Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Germany Trip - Plönlein

Location: Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Itinerary and full experience of my visit to Germany can be accessed through the link below:

I can find landmarks easily shot from various angles, but this is really the one spot where everyone takes the same shot, and with good reason. Visitors to Rothenburg, whether they come on purpose or are on their way blazing through the Romantic Route, would proudly tick their checklist of places to photograph in Germany with a selfie on this spot. This is Plönlein, and it is one of the most ubiquitous picture of the Romantic Route and one of the most shown image of Germany.

Plönlein, although translated as "little square" from German, actually derived its roots from the Latin word "planum" which holds the meaning of "flat square". I personally find the former to be more agreeable than the latter for there is nothing flat about the triangular plot of corner. The intersection is made famous because of the view it affords to anyone standing at the intersection will get an unobstructed view of two towers. 


The distinctive view on Plönlein sees the branching off of the road to Sieber's Tower (Siebersturm) to the left and Kobolzeller Gate (Kobolzeller Tor) to the right, with a narrow half-timbered building in the middle and a fountain at its front. Sieber's Tower is unmistakable for the medieval clock framed on its front, telling the time since time immemorial. If one would like to be led out of town, Kobolzeller Gate is the one you should take.


Kobolzeller Tor

Maybe it was due to the overabundance of images found online, for I personally did not find this spot as impressive. Its uniqueness was unmistakable and despite the charmingly restored townhouses along both sides of both roads, there was a missing aura which historically beautiful places inspired. Nevertheless visitors to Rothenburg could not miss a shot at this spot, for this is the singular place in the lovely town which people the world over will evidently identify with.

Environment:         One of the most photographed spot in a historical old town
Suitable for:            Landmark checklist clearance
Visit worthiness:   7/10 (shouldn't be missed, at least a shot here for memory!)
Historical value:        3.0/5.0 
Architectural value:  1.0/5.0
Photographic value:  5.0/5.0
Landmark value:       5.0/5.0

Entrance Fee:                  free
Opening Hours:              anytime
Best Moment to Visit:  anytime
Length of Visit:               <30 minutes

Website:                   Rothenburg tourism website

Contact:                    -
E-mail:                      -
Address:                   Plönlein, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.

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