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Travel through Philately - Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

Continuing with the introduction of a First Day Cover introducing Singapore's Changi Airport from 1981, here is another FDC on the same topic. Unveiled 27 years after Terminal 1 began its operation, Terminal 3 is the youngest terminal to date and yet it houses the largest aircraft - the A380.

This FDC which featured Terminal 3 was launched together with the first day the terminal became operational. The first historic arrival was flight SQ001 arriving from San Francisco via Hong Kong.

The terminal's design is different from its older siblings in that it contains more natural elements. A large wall spanning 5m high, appropriately dubbed the "Green Wall", adorned the check-in and baggage retrieval area with hanging creepers. In the company of such lush greens and 4 cascading waterfalls, it is hard to imagine that you are in an airport and not in a jungle.

The stamps themselves reflect the unique design and features of Terminal 3.
  • 1st Local: This stamp features the eco-friendly design of the terminal, with maximum utilization of natural sunlight through reflector panels and skylights.
  • $0.65: This stamp showcases the pride of Singapore's Changi Airport - its ability and readiness to accommodate the largest civilian aircraft at that moment, with Singapore Airlines being its first customer to fly the plane.
  • $1.10: This stamp once again highlights the airport's consciousness towards the environment. A "Green Wall" greets visitors arriving and leaving through the main doors with a wall of hanging creepers and cascading waterfalls.
  • $2.00: This stamp features the iconic control tower and the interior of the terminal.

Date of Issue:       9 January 2008
Denominations:    1st local, 65¢, SGD1.10, SGD2.00
Stamp Size:          25.60mm x 42.58mm
Perforation:          14.56 x 14.06
Paper:                  Unwatermarked
Printing Process:   Offset lithography
Printer:                 Southern Colour Print
Designer:              Lew Yen Wei, Design Business (S) Pte Ltd

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