Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kinetic Rain @ Terminal 1 (T1), Changi International Airport

Location: Changi, Singapore

Kinetic Rain is now the latest addition to Singapore's Changi International Airport, delighting travelers and visitors with its fluid dances.

It is usual for frequent travelers by plane to feel bored by the unchanging scenes of an airport save for the ever shifting bulk of pedestrian traffic. Having to wait for my Air Asia flight in Changi International Airport's Terminal 1 (T1) did not prepare me for a new sight within the departure hall's check in counters.

Travelers who frequented T1, including fellow travelers of Air Asia, could now spend their spare waiting time by feasting their eyes on the latest addition to the departure hall - Kinetic Rain. 

At moments when the droplets are trying to arrange into complicated moves, observing from a far distance and above the crowd will prove wise, as is this view taken from the 1st floor where most restaurants are situated.

Hanging from metal wires are 1,216 of coppery droplets reflecting glints of lighting shone from below. The kinetic art was commissioned by Changi Airport Group and created by Berlin firm ART+COM, with Jussi Angesleva, a German-born Finnish artist, at the helms of project designer.

Each of the droplets are controlled by individual motors, which in turn are synchronized through computer to create complex geometrical shapes such as an aeroplane, making it truly a unique offspring from the union of technology and art.

At certain points of the dance, the droplets just hovered in front of your eyes, awaiting the dance to reach its position before it flowed away. The temptation to just reach out and touch one of them was just too high.

The individual lights may appear as pinpricks, but their focused beams help enhance the illusion of glittering copper rain.

Most visitors were busy grabbing photos of the kinetic artistry forming into recognizable geometries, if they weren't bust gawking at the art piece itself.

And indeed, I too was mesmerized along with dozens of visitors at the display itself. The droplets glittered off the light shone onto them from below, making them jewels dancing in the air. And dance they did. The choreography of the droplets were so good that they moved fluidly and in sync with each other to morph into a flowing geometry, such as recreating the feel of waves rushing forth.

The full artistry piece spans across almost half of the departure hall, split off into two halves mimicking each other in motion by a central area. Accompanied by recorded instrumental music which sounded slightly eerie to me,

The calm before the storm when the droplets hung at the highest point of the dance...

...and when it rains, it pours, with coppery drops falling without any discernible pattern...

...until the torrent proved too much and a wave started to form and rush onward from a tsunami of copper...

...joined then by a second wave flowing forth along the first wave.

The best part of Kinetic Rain is that it is located in the departure hall check-in counter, making it accessible to the public for free. Any visitors who are there to send their loved ones away could sit together to enjoy the moment awed by the falling copper drops before being whisked away to whatever destination the traveler needs to go.

I have searched online and grabbed the official video as well as "the making of" video for sharing here. Before I left for my flight I busied myself with capturing humble videos of the droplets in motion, dancing across the air to enchant visitors before I rush for embarkation. Hope everyone enjoys!

More information from online could be viewed through these websites:

  1. The Jakarta Post
  2. Colossal
  3. Changi Terminal 1 homepage

Environment:         One of the internationally acclaimed airport in the world
Suitable for:           Good for a relaxing moment before flight

Opening Hours:       Daily
Price:                     Open to public

Website:                 Changi Terminal 1 homepage
Contact:                 -
Address:                 75 Airport Boulevard, 819664 Singapore.
Getting there:         Just take the East-West MRT line (Green line) and disembark at Terminal 2 (T2). Look for the signs pointing you to the skytrain bound for T1, and you will see the twins nearby the check-in counters.

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