Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 HK Trip - The Flight to Hong Kong

Location: Penang isle; S.A.R. Hong Kong, China

Even after experiencing my fair share of flights, I am still unnerved during takeoffs and landings, and especially so when I could feel the vibrations of the plane right through my bones during turbulence encounters.

Still, I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy the clear blue sky or starry nights during the uneventful leg of my journey. Capturing the moment of exhilaration I experienced whenever a picturesque cloudy vista floated past had proven daunting for my meager Sony TX-5, especially with the reflective panes showing myself clearly within the shot.

I had somehow, through luck, captured some of the best shots during my flight from Penang isle to Hong Kong and with a little retouch, obtained a few memorable images of my awe when I stared out the window ports.

A slightly cloudy sky bade us farewell in Penang isle.  As hot as the weather is, I missed it terribly when I was subjected to the much cooler Hong Kong weather.

Mankind has always dream of taking to the skies, and it wasn't until the Wright Brothers' success coupled with commercialization of airline that normal citizens like me could share that sense of freedom. This freedom is not easily conveyed through any means known to man, except through personal experience. 

The exhilaration of seeing the clouds splitting the horizon with the land below and the skies above is scene to be seen to believe. At altitudes above the clouds, the vista is much more mesmerizing with clouds below me, fueling my imagination of flying above the fluffy cotton candies.

To see the clouds splitting the horizon with the land below and the  skies above is truly mesmerizing. Of course, this also means that the plane is within the cloud's altitude and turbulence is usually expected when it passes the cloud layer.

Sometimes the fluffy clouds look like white cotton candies that you wish you could scoop them up.

The land will not be easily visible at higher altitudes, but the vista is still rewarding with clouds below you, allowing one to take in the clear sky.

Sometimes not much could be seen beyond the cloud layers though. At times like this, when the cloud layer obscured the view and cast a grey aura over the port, it reminds me that our life will pass through a sad period like this once in a while, with ourselves wondering what the obscured future holds for us.

Sometimes a photo initially thought to be bad could yield unexpectedly beautiful result.  The glare of the setting sun shining through the circular grains of a glass pane coincides with the golden rays to create a spectacular effect.

You could climb the highest mountain to view a sun set, but nothing beats the view of seeing it at 3,000 feet (I think that was our altitude...) The vista of an amber orb dipping below the horizon within minutes is really an eye-opener. Definitely a memory worth penning down.

The amber orb is slowly dipping below the clouds in the horizon when I was woken up to share the view. It indeed was a stunning view to see the sun setting in the horizon.

It only took minutes for the sun to disappear below the clouds, leaving amber lining to define the horizon. What my camera failed to capture was the clear starry night which followed before we landed in Hong Kong International Airport.

Just the final leg of the flight is exhilarating enough for me to enjoy this journey to the Fragrant Harbor. Nothing beats nice vista to declare a good beginning to a week long holiday!

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