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Singapore Food Blog - Sticky - Traditional Handmade Candy

Location: Clarke Quay, Central Business District (CBD), Singapore.

During my recent trip to Singapore, I chanced upon this shop located in The Central, Clarke Quay. It is quite unusual for a shop selling candies to be in the limelight, but the fact that my friend brought me here and a bunch of people crowding the place intrigued me.

You are right - Sticky is a shop selling candies and lollipops in The Central, with another branch located in Cineleisure Orchard. What makes this business so special is not just the candies themselves, but what's within it.

Ever watch the news presenting people who created miniature articles that defy our imagination, like carving words or drawing art onto a rice grain? Well, this was the first time I observed first-handed a similar event, although I still have no idea how it was done...

Sticky sells bags of sweetness goodies with their focus on candies and lollipops, although the former seems to outshine the latter. Each of their candies come with an art on the cross-section of it to accentuate the flavor, making it a marvelous piece of art before each piece is popped into your gaping maw. A Cherry Rock may have a simplistic picture of a pair of cherries on its sides, while a Passionfruit Rock may imitate the cross-section of the fruit itself.

Various moments during my visit to the store. I especially loved the look of the kid being undecided over which candy to choose. One of the crowd-drawing tactic of Sticky is the view of the staff making candies right in front of the crowd.

Rows upon rows of beakers, containing unknown chemicals for candy making, along with compounding recipes for brewing the perfect mixture...

...and it looked exactly like a laboratory for experimenting on the sweet tooth!

Apart from candies, Sticky also sells lollipops, which are as unusual as the candies, just like those shown here.

Gathering crowd on the store front draw more crowd to the store.

The ingredients went through the hands of expert staffs, starting from a heap of unrecognizable blob of color...

...and out came the candies with words within...

...and a nice packaging later, they are for sale!

Various colorful bags of candies within my possession: Apple Rock, Grape Rock, Cherry Rock and Passionfruit Rock.

Raspberry rocks!

Cola Pillows: not meant for your head!
A list of Sticky's candy and lollipop pricing.

Not all its candies have the work of art on their cross-section though. Some of Sticky's candies, like Raspberry Rock and Cola Pillows have stripes of color decorating their surfaces instead a work of art through its cross-section. Some available packages even have a mixture of different flavor of candies, like the bag of Thank You candies.

Sticky's candies are priced according to whether it is a Premium bag and its weight, so some of them may have the same packaging size but priced differently. The next time you ever get to visit The Central, why not head over to this store and see if you could find your favorite bag of candy?

My heartfelt thanks with this Thank You candy!

Suitable for:            A packet for friends and family, or customize it for a romantic occasion. Get one for a party or just chew onto it when you have nothing to do!
Cost:                             affordable - everything's under SGD10 unless you are looking to customize your candy, in which you have to place a minimum order of 4kg at SGD200, which is not exactly expensive considering how many people that could satisfy...

Website:                    Main Page and Facebook page

Contact:                     +65 6238 5178
Address:                     The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, B1-54/55, Singapore 059817.
                                         Look for the purple MRT line and plan your travel from your location to alight at Clarke Quay. The Central is just around the corner. You will want to look for a way to the basement level and browse around the corner for this shop.

Operating hours:   Mon - Sun (that's everyday!) (10 a.m. - 10p.m.)

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